NYX Lip liner and Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!


While on a shopping in Barnsley (a town near where I live) I popped into boots and spotted an NYX counter! I don’t have one where I live so I was sooo excited when I spotted it! Something I have been wanting to try by NYX for ages is their soft matte lip creams because I have heard so much about them. I had to stop myself from buying the entire counter haha so in the end I picked up these 2 items: The soft matte lip cream in the shade 06 Instanbul and the retractable lip liner in the shade soft pink.

Retractable lip liner (soft pink)- I am not a massive fan of retractable lip liners just because I feel like they don’t last as long as pencil liners but since I loved the colour of this I got it anyway. I love this lip liner because it is quite soft, when you apply this it glides on the lips and doesn’t drag. The formula is really good and doesn’t smudge when its on.

Soft matte lip cream (Istanbul)- I am in love with the shade of this lipstick! Its like a pinky nude shade and perfect to pair with neutral makeup looks. I like the formula of this because its not too drying and it doesn’t crack once it dries which is a problem I have with some matte liquid lipsticks. This is more like a cream as the name suggests, which I love.


Those are the swatches of the lip liner and matte lip cream! The lip cream isn’t quite that dark in person its slightly lighter but its soooo nice I love it!

These are the first products I have tried by NYX and I am very impressed. Both products stayed on really well and are really good quality for an affordable price at £5.50 each.

Have you ever tried any products by NYX? If you have any reccomendations please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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❄ Christmas Eve Routine! ❄


Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas eve. This post is scheduled as today I am spending time with my family and enjoying Christmas eve.

I love Christmas eve so much, even now I always feel so excited and I still get that magical feeling I got when I was younger. There is just something about Christmas that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside! I don’t really have a set routine but these are some things that I love to do every year.

In a morning I go on a walk with my family, we take our dog patch out for a walk on the park, she loves running and playing football so we all do that for a while. My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with family!

When we get home I like to get a shower and then have a little pamper session. I paint my nails all nice and Christmassy, I also like to put on a face mask and hair mask just so I feel all nice and pampered on Christmas day. After getting out of the shower I pop on some Christmas pyjamas and use my trusty heel genius and then put on some Christmas socks…


How cute are these socks?! I got them from Primark last year.


For dinner I would like to say I cook a big meal but in actual fact we usually order a takeaway as a treat! Later on in the evening, we all put out each others Christmas presents in the living room so that they are all ready for Christmas. After this we always watch a film, this year we have picked ‘A Christmas horror story’ which is probably not very Christmassy but I love a good horror!

So that is it really, I never do much on Christmas eve apart from spending time with my family because that is what I enjoy most. I love the fact that Christmas eve for me is a laid back and cozy day at home.

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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♡ Going back BLONDE! ♡


While this post is mostly about going back to blonde, it is also about my new haircut as I have changed my hairstyle. I am very indecisive and after growing my hair out for a while, I missed having it short and in a nice style too much so I decided to have it cut.

I have been dying my hair since the age of 14, my hair has been so many different colours; brown, blonde, purple, red, pink you name it! But I have always loved having it blonde the most, no matter what I always seem to come back to blonde.

My Partners Mum used to be a hairdresser and she is brilliant at doing my hair so she cut and coloured it for me.

After the bleach had processed, I washed it out and then applied the ‘Provoke touch of silver shampoo’ If any of you are thinking about going blonde or you have already dyed your hair blonde and want to get rid of brassy tones then I definitely recommend this shampoo as it really is amazing. When I first have my hair bleached I get a few yellow tones throughout my hair, with just one wash this shampoo gets rid of them turning my hair blonde and getting rid of all the brassy tones. When I first have my hair bleached I leave the shampoo on for 30 minute’s just to make sure it gets all of my hair.

This was the finished result:


Overall I am really pleased with how my hair turned out, it feels so much better having it in a proper style again!

If you are considering using bleach on your hair I do recommend that you take care when using it and make sure to look after your hair afterwards. Here are a few tips to follow if you are considering using bleach on your hair:

  •  Do not wash your too often as the bleach as already stripped away the natural oils from your hair. I recommend cutting down to washing your hair just twice a week.
  • Try not to use any heat on your hair, to give your hair a rest. If you really must use it then make sure to use a heat protecting styling spray.
  • Use homemade hair masks made out of anything high in protein: eggs, mayo, olive oil, banana, avocado, coconut or almond oil.

Basically just make sure to take extra care of your hair and never leave the bleach on your hair for longer than 45 minutes.

Thanks for reading!

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♡ Bedside Essentials ♡


Hello everybody! I have been really busy recently, I cant believe its already Saturday this week has gone so quick. I have gone back to blonde this week which I am very excited about so I will be doing a post on that soon.

Today I will be sharing with you all my bedside essentials, these are all the things I like to keep on my shelf next to my bed so that I have them handy for me to use on a night time.

A good book- I have recently got back into reading, I used to read all the time but somewhere between exams and then starting work I just seemed to stop. I am so glad that I have started reading again because I had forgotten how much I love it. At the moment I am reading The perks of being a wallflower which I am really enjoying, I will be sure to post a review on this once I have finished it.

Garnier Micellar water- Since discovering this I use it religiously every night, I honestly don’t know what I did without it before. It removes all of my makeup quickly but also removes it properly and more effective than a makeup wipe does. If you would like to know more about this you can read a review I wrote about it here.

Garnier Night care cream- My skin sometimes gets a little dry so at night after removing my makeup I apply this, It just helps to give my skin that little boost it needs.

Earphones- Aside from reading, when I am tucked up in bed I sometimes like to watch YouTube videos. I watch them on my phone mostly so I keep my earphones nearby so I can plug them in and catch up on videos.

Lip balm- My lips tend to get really dry so I always like to keep a lip balm handy. My favourite as you all probably know by now is Baby lips!

Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius- I love this so much! I like to apply it at night after getting out of the shower. I use a generous amount on my feet and then put some cozy socks on, in the morning I wake up with super soft feet!

Notebook-At night when I am in bed I always seem to get ideas for Blog posts or YouTube videos so I always like to keep my notebook handy to jot down anything that I need to.


I also like to have a couple of candles lit on a night time to brighten up the room a little and keep it smelling lovely. The one in this picture is from Primark in the scent ‘Sweet Berry and Patchouli’


The skincare products featured in this post are not the only ones I use on a night time, I tend to keep the others on my dressing table. I hope you all liked this post! What are your bedside essentials?

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♡ Ooh, Sparkly Nails! ♡


December means Christmas time and Christmas time means all things sparkly! Today I will be sharing with you all 3 of my favourite glitter nail varnishes for the party season. I love glitter nail varnishes I think they add a touch of glamour to any nail design, although sometimes they can be awful to remove!


First up is a Nail Varnish by Sally Hansen in the shade ‘100 Copper penny’ True to its name it is a gorgeous copper glittery shade, I decided to use it with a gold nail varnish underneath because I think it really made the glitter stand out.


Next is the newest to my collection and I think my favourite one at the moment.. Barry M’s ‘Ruby slippers’ I love the colour of this, its red with a kind of pinky tone to it and it is just gorgeous! I used a pink nail varnish under this, but you could use red if you would prefer. The thing I love most about this is that it is very dense so that you can barely see the coat of colour underneath, which is something that most glitter nail varnishes lack. This one is perfect for this time of year and I think this is definitely the colour I will be choosing for my nails this Christmas.


Last but not least we have a glitter nail varnish by Rimmel in the shade 500 Disco ball. I paired this with a silver nail varnish because I think it goes really nice with this particular glitter. I love this nail varnish because it has different coloured specks of glitter in it which creates a lovely effect and shines in all different colours when on my nails.

So those were my top 3 glitter nail varnishes for the perfect Christmas nails. Glittery nails are the perfect accessory for Christmas and they look amazing paired with any outfit! Which glitter nail varnish is your favourite?

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♡ Rose Gold Eyes Make-up Look! ♡


I am here today with yet another post featuring my Make-up Revolution Beyond Flawless palette, I will be sharing with you all a makeup look I created using some gorgeous shades from this palette.  My favourite colours on here are the rose gold ones so I decided to show you all a look I created with these shades.


I started by applying ‘Zorba’ (Bottom left) all over my eyelids as this is a lighter shade and it acted as a base for my eye shadow. Next I applied ‘Bare pink’ (Top right) which is a gorgeous shimmery pink colour and I blended that over ‘Zorba’


To finish off the look I applied ‘Spice’ and applied it to the crease of my eye and blended it in slightly.

After this I applied my Rimmel Supercurl mascara to finish off the look.



This was the finished look, I love how it turned out. This look is perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties you may be attending especially because the colours are so shimmery, although I do think it is wearable in the daytime too!

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♡ Make Up Mix! ♡

Hello everyone! Before I start I would just like to let you all know that I have decided on a blogging schedule. From now on I will be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I just think that it will be better and help me to be more organized with my posts. So make sure to look out for my posts on those days.


This post features a mixture of beauty products that I have been loving recently. Over these next couple of weeks I am going to try and be good and not buy any beauty products so we will see how that works out! Whenever I try not to buy things I always seem to see a really good offer on and then I cave in and buy loads of things. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?

So a few beauty products that I have been using a lot recently include Maybelline primer, 2 lipsticks both nude shades of course. (I have noticed my lipstick collection growing quite a bit recently, I am not complaining though!) A makeup revolution palette and 2 Rimmel nail varnishes.

Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser: Until I got this last week I had never used it before but I have to say, I have quickly fell in love with it! When I apply this to my skin it feels smooth and I notice the difference when applying my makeup with the primer underneath. It also really helps my makeup to stay in place throughout the day.


Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting finish lipstick in ’45’: Before getting this lipstick I got the one in shade ’42’ and I wanted to get this one too but they didn’t have it in stock. So the next time I went to Superdrug my partner treated me and bought me it, I am in love with the colour of this it is just gorgeous, its like a dark rosy nude colour and its just lovely!


Mac lipstick in the shade ‘Velvet teddy’: I mentioned this one in one of my posts last week. I won this lipstick in a giveaway and I am in love with it, it is the perfect everyday nude shade. It’s very versatile and can be worn with daytime or night time make up. Since getting this I have found myself reaching for it a lot as it just seems to pull together any makeup look.


Make up Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette: This palette is my favourite at the moment! It has a mixture of so many different gorgeous shades that range from lighter nude shades to the darker more smokier shades. As there are 32 different shades in this palette you can use it to create a range of different looks which I love.


Rimmel nail varnishes- ‘Glitter bomb’ and ‘Black cherries’: These two nail varnishes go lovely together, black cherries is a deep purple shade and I think it is just perfect for winter, the gold glitter goes really nice with it and complements the colour. I also love the glitter bomb one because in the glitter there is the odd little star which I think is so cute!


What beauty products have you been loving recently?

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