NYX Lip liner and Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!


While on a shopping in Barnsley (a town near where I live) I popped into boots and spotted an NYX counter! I don’t have one where I live so I was sooo excited when I spotted it! Something I have been wanting to try by NYX for ages is their soft matte lip creams because I have heard so much about them. I had to stop myself from buying the entire counter haha so in the end I picked up these 2 items: The soft matte lip cream in the shade 06 Instanbul and the retractable lip liner in the shade soft pink.

Retractable lip liner (soft pink)- I am not a massive fan of retractable lip liners just because I feel like they don’t last as long as pencil liners but since I loved the colour of this I got it anyway. I love this lip liner because it is quite soft, when you apply this it glides on the lips and doesn’t drag. The formula is really good and doesn’t smudge when its on.

Soft matte lip cream (Istanbul)- I am in love with the shade of this lipstick! Its like a pinky nude shade and perfect to pair with neutral makeup looks. I like the formula of this because its not too drying and it doesn’t crack once it dries which is a problem I have with some matte liquid lipsticks. This is more like a cream as the name suggests, which I love.


Those are the swatches of the lip liner and matte lip cream! The lip cream isn’t quite that dark in person its slightly lighter but its soooo nice I love it!

These are the first products I have tried by NYX and I am very impressed. Both products stayed on really well and are really good quality for an affordable price at £5.50 each.

Have you ever tried any products by NYX? If you have any reccomendations please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Things I Love About Summer!


Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful day, I am spending the day tidying and organizing my new clothes rails and my makeup storage.

Todays post is based on all things summer related, although were not quite there yet, I couldn’t be more excited! Summer is my favourite time of the year. Although I do like Christmas time I soon find myself dreaming about summer and wishing that winter will end soon.

Here are some of my favourite things about summer:

  1. Waking up for work and it actually being light!
  2. Sunglasses.. yay!
  3. Not having to wear a big coat with every outfit
  4. Bright coloured clothes
  5. Summer dresses
  6. Being tanned (or in my case using dove gradual tan because I cant tan to save my life)
  7. Bright coloured nail polish
  8. Flower crowns
  9. Warm weather
  10. Longer days
  11. Sandals/flip flops!
  12. Long walks
  13. Ice cream
  14. My birthday is in summer
  15. Light nights
  16. Music

I can not wait until it starts to get a little warmer and summer begins, I just love it! Ooh also I have some exciting news! I took my driving theory test on Monday and I PASSED! *Yay* I am so excited because this means I am one step closer. I can not wait until I can drive and we get a car because then we will be able to do so much more. When you don’t have a car you are kind of limited in terms of places you can go. Lucas has booked his driving test for a couple of months time so fingers crossed!

I think a summer clothes shopping spree is definitely needed soon. What are some of your favourite things about summer?


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☽O O T D☾

First of all I am sorry that this weeks video is a little late, I had a little problem with uploading and then had to alter the video but not to worry! This weeks video is an OOTD which I realised is actually my first one on Youtube!

I went for a comfy casual look because we spent the day walking with our dog, but where we went just seemed like the perfect place to film a video and the weather was so nice. I really enjoy making fashion videos and there will definitely be more to come soon! I think my main focus is going to be on the fashion/lifestyle side of things in my Youtube videos because that is what I enjoy doing the most. I hope you all enjoy the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe!


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♡ Winter Outfit Ideas! ♡

Hello everybody! I didn’t post on Saturday because I’d just got back home from my holiday  and I didn’t have a post planned and I didn’t want to rush it so I left it.. I am back today though with my first fashion video on YouTube!

I had so much fun making this so there will definitely be more videos like this coming soon.

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The £20 Fashion Makeover!

We all like to treat ourselves now and again, I know I do! But I often find that when payday comes around I go a little too crazy and end up spending nearly all of my money.

I am always trying to find new ways to save money, especially recently because me and my partner are going on a little trip away soon and we are trying to save up for it. So I was inspired to write this post- The £20 Fashion Makeover! In this post I have chosen 3 different looks that each cost £20 or less for the whole outfit.

So this was the first outfit that I put together, I think it would look really nice with a pair of Chelsea boots or ballet pumps. The jeans are £10 from Primark and the Jumper is £8.99 from New look which I think is a bargain and the colour of it is just gorgeous!

You can find the jumper here and the jeans here

final 2

I am in love with this next look, especially the A-line skirt! I have wanted one for a while but I don’t think I really suit skirts. This whole outfit is from Primark and comes to exactly £20!  This outfit can be paired with black tights on colder days and some cute little boots for the perfect winter outfit.

Top- £4 (link here)    A-line skirt- £8 (link here)    Brown saddle bag- £8 (link here)

final 3

This next look came to just £15.99! I like this outfit because its just a nice comfy outfit that you can dress up with a few accessories. I would usually go for black leggings instead of navy but for some reason there isn’t any black ones on the Primark website. My favourite part of this outfit is the wrap cardigan, its perfect to just throw on over pretty much any outfit!

Leggings- Primark £4 (link here)   Top- Primark £4 (link here)   Cardigan- H&M £7.99 (link here)

final 5

I hope you guys liked this post! I really enjoyed making this post and putting some outfits together for £20 or less.

Bye for now!

Lots of love,


Dungarees ~ 3 Looks

Hello everyone! Yesterday my dungarees came in the post and I am so excited to show them to you! They are Topshop ones but I got them from Ebay for £30 which was a bargain as they are £48 in Topshop at the moment. I have wanted some for so long and I really love the style of the Topshop ones, they are just so nice!

So I wanted to share with you guys 3 different ways I have chosen to style my Dungarees. For this first look I chose this thin purple jumper, perfect for the start of autumn when its quite cold but not quite thick jumper weather. I chose my black trainers to go with the outfit, I love these so much they are really comfy and go with so many of my clothes.

new c

Jumper- Charity shop find   /   Trainers- Topshop

For the second look I chose my Green H&M jumper which is a little thicker than the first jumper. I love the H&M jumpers because they are the perfect shape and just hang really nicely. I always buy a large because I prefer a more oversized look. For this outfit I chose my Snakeskin pumps, you may have figured out I’m a fan of comfy shoes by now!

new b

Jumper- H&M   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

And of course for the last look I chose the classic striped top, I have seen striped tops paired with dungarees a few times and I just couldn’t resist! I think they just look so cute together! I chose to pair my black ballet pumps with this outfit.

new a

Top- Dorothy Perkins   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

I hope you all liked this post, if any of you have dungarees how do you style yours?



Get the look ~ Instagram edition!

tumblr_nvcmzuub5k1r3hbd2o1_500 1391364_171258969876554_487035196_n

When I saw these pictures on Instagram the other day I fell in love instantly! The outfit looks really smart, but when paired with the pumps it’s really comfy too. The pictures are from the Instagram account theglowedit, if you have Instagram I definitely recommend you check this one out!

Because I loved this outfit so much I decided I would try out the look myself!

For these first pictures I paired the outfit with my black lace up pumps, they are similar to the ones in the original picture but I prefer flats because I really can’t walk in heels.

new 4  new 9

In these pictures I paired the outfit with my snakeskin pumps, I think these go really well with the outfit for a comfy daytime look.

new 2 new 6

Jacket – Ebay (Originally Miss selfridge)  T-shirt– H&M  Leggings- Primark

Lace up shoes– Primark   Snakeskin pumps– Garage shoes

I love the checked pumps in the original picture so much but I cant find them anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get them please let me know!

I have a feeling that I am going to be wearing my new leather jacket a lot this winter, I just love it so much. It goes with pretty much anything and its really warm for the days when it gets a little colder.

I hope you all enjoyed my ‘Get the look’ post!

Thanks for reading! Love,