NYX Lip liner and Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!


While on a shopping in Barnsley (a town near where I live) I popped into boots and spotted an NYX counter! I don’t have one where I live so I was sooo excited when I spotted it! Something I have been wanting to try by NYX for ages is their soft matte lip creams because I have heard so much about them. I had to stop myself from buying the entire counter haha so in the end I picked up these 2 items: The soft matte lip cream in the shade 06 Instanbul and the retractable lip liner in the shade soft pink.

Retractable lip liner (soft pink)- I am not a massive fan of retractable lip liners just because I feel like they don’t last as long as pencil liners but since I loved the colour of this I got it anyway. I love this lip liner because it is quite soft, when you apply this it glides on the lips and doesn’t drag. The formula is really good and doesn’t smudge when its on.

Soft matte lip cream (Istanbul)- I am in love with the shade of this lipstick! Its like a pinky nude shade and perfect to pair with neutral makeup looks. I like the formula of this because its not too drying and it doesn’t crack once it dries which is a problem I have with some matte liquid lipsticks. This is more like a cream as the name suggests, which I love.


Those are the swatches of the lip liner and matte lip cream! The lip cream isn’t quite that dark in person its slightly lighter but its soooo nice I love it!

These are the first products I have tried by NYX and I am very impressed. Both products stayed on really well and are really good quality for an affordable price at £5.50 each.

Have you ever tried any products by NYX? If you have any reccomendations please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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♡ Sleek Storm Palette Review ♡

Aviary Photo_130964006831378790.pngAviary Photo_130964011328117595.png

I have a confession to make… I have never tried any products from Sleek Makeup.. until now that is! For Christmas I received this gorgeous palette from my boyfriend, I picked it out of course. This palette features 12 gorgeous shades, 3 matte and 9 shimmery.

First of all I have to say that I am in love with the packaging of this palette, the box it came in is pretty but I also like the slim design of the palette itself, easy to hold and small enough to pop in your makeup bag.

I love the mixture of shades in this palette, a couple of the shades are different to what I would normally go for such as the blue and green but that is why I chose this palette because of the different shades. I need to step out of my comfort zone a little and start experimenting with different looks. Another thing I love about the mixture of shades is that there are so many different looks that can be created using them. They are all really pretty and highly pigmented:

Aviary Photo_130964012518212577.png

I cant wait to start experimenting with this palette, I will be doing a video using this soon so make sure to look out for that!

Overall I am really happy with this palette and I cant wait to try out more Sleek products in the future. I like the look of their ‘Matte me’ Lipsticks so I think they might be the next products I will try!

What is your favourite product from Sleek makeup? Also if you have any recommendations of what I should try please let me know!

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✿ Becoming A morning Person!✿

Aviary Photo_130963149022071404.png

Hello everybody! Todays post is about becoming a morning person, recently I have been getting into a bad routine of going to sleep late and on days off work, waking up late. I have been trying to get into the routine of going to sleep a little earlier and therefore waking up earlier, with the exception of a couple of days i.e new years day when I had been out the night before and woke up with a sore head… (oops) I have been doing well and so I thought I would write this post and if any of you are like me you might find these tips useful!

✿Try your best to go to sleep a little earlier:

The main reason why I usually sleep in is when I stay up late and usually if I stay up past a certain time, I cant get to sleep and just end up watching makeup videos on YouTube or TV which doesn’t help at all because then I stay up even later! So try and go to sleep earlier than you usually do, to try and relax I usually read a book, my current one being #girlboss which is amazing so far!

✿ Set loads of alarms:

Something I like to do is title my alarms as ‘GET UP DONT BE LAZY’ haha it might sound silly but it works for me. I set myself loads of alarms and I make sure I put my phone on my TV stand so that in order to turn off the alarm, I have to get out of bed. That way I am more likely to get up.

✿Stay in a routine:

I find that once I get into a routine its easier to get up in a morning, so yes staying in a routine definitely does help!

Aviary Photo_130963150423514212.png

✿If you’re cold and don’t want to get out of bed:

Grab a jumper/dressing gown/cozy socks and get up! One of my main excuses in winter is that its too cold to get out of bed, so now I always make sure to keep my dressing gown nearby in a morning to grab and wrap around me when I get up.

✿Listen to music:

The best thing to make me feel happy and wake me up a little in a morning is to listen to music! It always puts me in a good mood and it starts my day in the best possible way!

Aviary Photo_130963149681542087.png

✿ Hydrate:

Another goal I have set for myself is to drink more water and this definitely contributes towards feeling better in the mornings. Staying hydrated reduces fatigue and just makes you feel better in general so when you wake up grab yourself a glass of water in the morning to help you start the day.

✿Give yourself enough time to get ready:

If you have work, school or you are going out in a morning, get up early enough to give yourself time to get ready. I find that if I have enough time to get ready and I’m not in a rush then it always puts me in a better mood than when I don’t have time and I have to rush.

I am still getting into the routine of becoming a morning person but I am slowly getting there by following these tips.

Are you a morning person? If you have any tips to share then please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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My Christmas Presents!


Hello everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I spent the day at home with my family and it was really nice. Christmas is my favourite time of the year as we all spend it together and play games, watch films and eat Christmas dinner… yum!

I didn’t post yesterday because I spent boxing day with my family so I decided to post today instead. I received so many lovely gifts, all things that I love (my family know me so well) So I thought I would write this post and share with you some of the gifts I received because I love reading posts like this and it also gave me an excuse to sit and gaze at my new things while taking the pictures haha..

The first thing that I received was this rose gold watch, my boyfriend got me this and I love it so much, he knows me so well! It is adjustable too which is perfect for me as my wrists are tiny.


I received loads of make up items too which I am very excited to use! Items included in this picture are: W7 in the buff palette, Sleek storm palette, Makeup Revolution blush palette golden sugar, MUA highlighter, Maybelline lash sensational mascara, Makeup revolution Iconic 3 palette and the Zoella blissful mistful perfume that I have wanted for ages!


I tried soap and glory products for the first time this year, and I have since fell in love with them as they are such good quality and smell amazing. For Christmas I got ‘The Whole She Bang’ gift set.


This gift set is gorgeous and such great value for money, I asked for it when I found out about it being on special offer in boots for £30 (usually £60) I can not wait to use this set as there are a few products in here that I have not tried before. The bag it came in is also gorgeous and perfect for storing the products in. J will do a full post on this soon once I have tried everything.


Since finding out that Ariana Grande released her perfume I really wanted to try it, when I tried a sample in boots I fell in love with the smell of it and so I put it on my Christmas list. I received this gorgeous gift set from my boyfriend and his mum, it honestly smells amazing.. and the bottle is so pretty. It also came with a smaller bottle that I could maybe carry in my bag and a fluffy white pom pom keyring which I can add to my collection as I also have a pink and a cream one of these- they are so cute!


I also received 2 books: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso which I have been wanting to read for ages, I have already started reading it and so far so good! The other book I got was It by Alexa Chung which I can not wait to read.

I also got some other things like fairy lights, face masks, a handbag, candles and pyjamas. I received so many lovely presents, and I am so pleased with them all. I know that it is not just about presents but I am grateful for all the things I received.


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♡ Glam Holiday Makeup! ♡

Hello everybody! Todays video is another holiday makeup look, I really enjoyed creating this. I used the Makeup Revolution salvation palette for my eyes which was an early Christmas present, the colours in this palette are gorgeous and perfect for this time of year.

I hope you all enjoy the video and if you have any requests of what videos you would like to see then please feel free to mention them in the comments below!

If you would like to see my other holiday makeup video you can find that here!


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❄Christmas Themed Snapshots!❄


Its fair to say that I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit! Today is the 17th of December and this time next week it will be Christmas eve *eeeek*

I wanted to share with you all how excited I am for Christmas by sharing some Christmas pictures I have taken over these past couple of weeks. I am proud to say that I have finally sorted out everyone’s Christmas presents which makes me very happy because now I can enjoy wrapping them (Yes I really do love wrapping presents)

The first picture stars my gorgeous little puppy Patch in her cute little Christmas hat! I got this for her a couple of years ago and I love it. While shopping a few days ago I spotted a cute Christmas dress for dogs but they only had smaller sizes available 😦 She looks adorable in this hat though!

Next was a picture I took of some presents I wrapped, I love the pink paper most, the blue ones are for my partner who’s presents I unfortunately cant wrap in girly paper. I have got Patch some presents too of course my favourite one being this cute little fluffy blanket from Superdrug, she actually opens her presents if you rip a little bit of the paper for her haha! I have also got her some squeaky toys as she loves them.


The next picture I took was of a snowflake garland I made out of white paper and gold ribbon. I really loved how this turned out so we decided to hang it up in the living room.

Last is a pretty gift box that contains my Ma’s Christmas present, a thumb ring. I love this little gift box I think it is so nice, especially the bow.

I hope you are all enjoying December and getting into the Christmas spirit! From now until Christmas you will find me dancing around and singing to Christmas songs!

What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide..


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas or birthdays I tend to be really organized, I like to write lists and plan out everything that I am going to do. So I thought it would be a good idea to write a Christmas shopping guide to share a few of my personal tips when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

  • Ask your loved ones for some ideas- This may work better with some, but there’s always one that doesn’t have a clue what they want! Get your family/friends to write a few things down that they would like so that then you have something to work with.
  • Look in Christmas catalogues– This one is just a personal preference but I love the Christmas catalogues, especially the Superdrug one because you can find some lovely gift ideas in there from stocking fillers to full Christmas gift sets.
  • Plan Christmas shopping trips- Although at times it can get a little hectic in the shops around Christmas, I love Christmas shopping. You could plan a shopping trip with friends or family or go alone if you would prefer it, make sure you write a list of the things you need and you are good to go!
  • Research- Okay so this may sound a little silly but trust me its worth while. By research I mean check online for gifts from several different shops and compare for the best price. There is nothing worse than paying a lot for something and then realising you could have gotten it for like £20 cheaper…
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute! This is definitely the main tip I would give as if you have quite a few things to get then you may find yourself in a rush to get everything that you need!
  • Shop online- You may prefer to do this rather than shopping in store, or you may want to just shop online for a few bits. Either way shopping online is good because you may be able to find some things that you couldn’t get in store that were sold out.

Also the main thing is to make sure to make Christmas shopping enjoyable! Here is a little gift inspiration to give you a few ideas..


  1. Nivea Mens Minis- £5.99 at Very.co.uk link here
  2. Superdry Christmas jumper- £29.99 at TKmaxx link here
  3. ASOS leather gift set- £22 at ASOS link here
  4. Lynx Africa duo- £4.50 at Superdrug link here


  1. Pink pom pom hat- £15 from River Island link here
  2. Cath Kidston Travel Cup- £8 from ASOS link here
  3. Tanya Burr candy cane trio- £6 from Superdrug link here
  4. Ari by Ariana Grande Perfume gift set- £31 from boots link here

I think I may have to put the pom pom hat on my list because it is so cute! They are like little ears! I hope you liked this shopping guide and I hope it gave you a few useful tips and gift ideas to use for Christmas.

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