Think Pink!

13014848_253779671635211_341458348_n.jpgHello everyone I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! As you may be able to tell from the title, todays post is going to be about all things pink. I am so excited because today I am teaming up with Glossier to share some of my favourite pink things to celebrate the #glossierpink range! Glossier is a beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life. They are creating the new essentials: easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine. You can find their beauty products on their website here

I have always been a real girly girl, I just love anything in pink, handbags, lipstick, blush, anything!

Some of my favourite pink things include:

Nails/nail varnish: I must have about 50 different shades of pink nail varnish, I just love it! It’s my favourite colour to paint my nails and if I ever get them done at the salon I usually opt for pink then too!

Clothes: I actually don’t own many pink items of clothing but I do have the pink jumper in the picture above that I love. It’s so cozy!


Lipstick/lipgloss: I do love a bright pink lip, especially in the summer! It completes a makeup look and adds a girly feel.

Basically, I love anything pink! I have a pink fluffy charm for my handbag that is super cute! I bought my little dog a pink collar which she wears all the time, even a little pink coat for her for winter.. she looks so cute in it!

I have loved doing this collaboration with Glossier, especially getting to talk about all things pink! Don’t forget to check out their website and beauty range here for more information!

Are you a fan of pink? If so what are your favourite pink things?

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❄Christmas Themed Snapshots!❄


Its fair to say that I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit! Today is the 17th of December and this time next week it will be Christmas eve *eeeek*

I wanted to share with you all how excited I am for Christmas by sharing some Christmas pictures I have taken over these past couple of weeks. I am proud to say that I have finally sorted out everyone’s Christmas presents which makes me very happy because now I can enjoy wrapping them (Yes I really do love wrapping presents)

The first picture stars my gorgeous little puppy Patch in her cute little Christmas hat! I got this for her a couple of years ago and I love it. While shopping a few days ago I spotted a cute Christmas dress for dogs but they only had smaller sizes available 😦 She looks adorable in this hat though!

Next was a picture I took of some presents I wrapped, I love the pink paper most, the blue ones are for my partner who’s presents I unfortunately cant wrap in girly paper. I have got Patch some presents too of course my favourite one being this cute little fluffy blanket from Superdrug, she actually opens her presents if you rip a little bit of the paper for her haha! I have also got her some squeaky toys as she loves them.


The next picture I took was of a snowflake garland I made out of white paper and gold ribbon. I really loved how this turned out so we decided to hang it up in the living room.

Last is a pretty gift box that contains my Ma’s Christmas present, a thumb ring. I love this little gift box I think it is so nice, especially the bow.

I hope you are all enjoying December and getting into the Christmas spirit! From now until Christmas you will find me dancing around and singing to Christmas songs!

What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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♡ Ooh, Sparkly Nails! ♡


December means Christmas time and Christmas time means all things sparkly! Today I will be sharing with you all 3 of my favourite glitter nail varnishes for the party season. I love glitter nail varnishes I think they add a touch of glamour to any nail design, although sometimes they can be awful to remove!


First up is a Nail Varnish by Sally Hansen in the shade ‘100 Copper penny’ True to its name it is a gorgeous copper glittery shade, I decided to use it with a gold nail varnish underneath because I think it really made the glitter stand out.


Next is the newest to my collection and I think my favourite one at the moment.. Barry M’s ‘Ruby slippers’ I love the colour of this, its red with a kind of pinky tone to it and it is just gorgeous! I used a pink nail varnish under this, but you could use red if you would prefer. The thing I love most about this is that it is very dense so that you can barely see the coat of colour underneath, which is something that most glitter nail varnishes lack. This one is perfect for this time of year and I think this is definitely the colour I will be choosing for my nails this Christmas.


Last but not least we have a glitter nail varnish by Rimmel in the shade 500 Disco ball. I paired this with a silver nail varnish because I think it goes really nice with this particular glitter. I love this nail varnish because it has different coloured specks of glitter in it which creates a lovely effect and shines in all different colours when on my nails.

So those were my top 3 glitter nail varnishes for the perfect Christmas nails. Glittery nails are the perfect accessory for Christmas and they look amazing paired with any outfit! Which glitter nail varnish is your favourite?

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♡ Bath Treats Good Enough To Eat! ♡


I have done it… I’ve found the best smelling shower gels e v e r (apart from soap and glory of course!) But seriously these smell amazing, like a sweet factory has exploded in your bath!

While doing my usual shop in Asda a few weeks ago I spotted these amongst all the other shower gels, they really stood out to me not just because of the unique range of scents they came in but also the cute packaging. I love the brand name ‘Dolly’s Mixtures’ such a great name to go along with the wide range of sweet scents the shower gels come in.



The first one I chose to get was ‘Bubblegum’ I was the most excited about this one because well.. its Bubblegum!! The second one was ‘Rhubarb and custard’ Which I actually picked up by mistake.. I meant to pick up the ‘fizzy cherry’ one but I ended up with this one instead haha, I actually ended up liking the smell of this one so it all worked out okay in the end!

When I used these in the shower not only did they smell amazing, but the quality was really good too and they foamed up really nicely.

At the moment they are just £1 at asda for 300ml. The only thing is that I do wish they came in bigger bottles but at £1 they are definitely worth the price! It would be amazing if they did bath bombs as well as I would definitely buy them and I’m sure other people would too.

Overall I am honestly in love with these shower gels and I cant wait to try the other scents they come in:

  • Pina colada
  • Bucks fizz
  • Vanilla cupcake
  • Candy floss
  • Red velvet cupcake
  • Strawberry Daiquiri

They make bath time a sweet smelling dream and they look so cute amongst all of my other bath goodies…


Have you tried any of the Dolly’s Mixtures shower gels? Which one is your favourite?


Spreading Positivity.


I know I have my new schedule of posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but today I have made the exception to write this blog post about spreading positivity. I was inspired to write this post by Jemma, who runs the amazing blog, dorkface.

Jemma wrote a post called ‘Wanna be in my girl gang? The idea of this is that everyone who would like to join can put the girl gang badge on their blog using the html provided.

The rules are simple:

1. You promise to spread joy, kindness and positivity in the blogging community whenever you can.

2. You believe in celebrating diversity.

3. You recognise that you are absolutely beautiful, and awesome.

I think this is such an amazing idea and I just wanted to share this with you all encase any of you would like to join. I am so proud to be a part of the blogging community and it makes me so happy to see everyone being so positive and friendly. When I first started blogging I had no idea that I would make so many friends and really just what an amazing and positive place the blogging world is.

The link to Jemma’s post explaining all the details about the girl gang is here:


I hope you all join too, we can all go on this blogging journey together and be a part of the Girl gang that Jemma has created!

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A New Found Love ~ Soap And Glory!


So recently I tried ‘The scrub of your life’ by Soap and glory and I fell in love instantly, this was the first product I had ever used by Soap and glory (Shocking, I know!) but I was really impressed so I went out to get a few more of their products that I wanted to try.

As you can see from the pictures I got: Hand food, Clean on me and Heel Genius.

Hand Food- I had read many good reviews about ‘Hand food’ so I decided to get that because I do get quite dry hands, especially in winter! I was really impressed with this; it smells amazing and it absorbs into your hands straight away, moisturising them but not leaving them sticky. I can already tell that this is something I am going to be buying a lot more of.

Clean On Me Shower Gel-  At £6.50 it is a little more pricey than your average shower gel, but I do have to say that I definitely do think it is worth it. It smells amazing and the bottle it comes in is 500ml so you get a lot of it. After using it my skin felt really soft and the lovely smell of it stayed on my skin.

The Scrub Of Your Life-  This smells amazing and the smell of this also lasts on your skin after getting out of the shower. I noticed with this that you only actually need to use a little bit because it foams up really nicely so it lasts much longer.

Heel Genius- I bought this because along with my hands, my feet get quite dry too. On the bottle it says to apply to feet before bed then put on a pair of cotton socks to let it soak in while you sleep. I have been doing this and I have noticed my feet have started to get a little softer.

Overall I am really impressed with all of the Soap and glory products and I cant wait to try more of them! Have you tried any of the Soap and glory products?

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This Week I’ve Been…


Hello everyone! I am here again today to share some snippets from my week. I cant believe it is Sunday again and the end of another week. I also cant believe that today is the 1st day of November.. its crazy!

So, This week I’ve been:

-Out on lots of walks between work, I love going on walks so much, I took the first picture on Monday while my partner and I were out and I just thought it looked lovely. Despite it being quite cold it was actually quite a nice day on Monday and the sky was really nice and clear.

-Shopping! (as usual) I wanted to share this next picture because I am so excited about buying some more soap and glory products. After trying ‘The scrub of your life’ I fell in love and had to get some of the others to try out. I will post a review on them shortly. Also the pink jumper that you see in the picture I got on the same day, I was so happy that I found it because it is perfect and in my favourite colour- pink!

-Reading. I am currently reading Zoe Sugg’s second book ‘Girl online on tour’ And I have been glued to it. I definitely recommend it.

And of course the last picture is my gorgeous little girl Patch! I have made it a ‘thing’ now that she has to star in every ‘This Week I’ve Been’ post!

I have really enjoyed this week and have just overall been in a really good mood! 🙂

Happy first day of November everyone make sure to say ‘White rabbits!’ Does anyone else do that or is it just me?

Bye for now! 🙂

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