♡ Lush Halloween 2016 ♡


Hello everybody! Since getting into using lush products I have been ridiculously excited for the launch of this years Halloween products. So on the day they launched I popped into my local lush to pick up a couple of the products, I want to try all of them so I will go back and pick a couple more next week but these are the first two that I chose. Lord of Misrule and Sparkly Pumpkin! I have never tried any of the Lush seasonal products before so I was really excited!

When I went into Lush I spoke to a lovely member of staff that showed me all of the Halloween collection as it was my first time trying them and I liked the things she told me about Lord of Misrule, it is good for aching muscles and it also has popping candy in it! At first I thought it might be a little boring with it just being green but then they did a demo in the shop and I was surprised to see it has red in it as well which makes it look so pretty in the bath!




This is what Lord of Misrule looked like in the bath! The colours are so pretty and the smell is absolutely amazing, I think I will have to pick up some of the shower gel next time. Another thing I loved about this bath bomb was that it turned my bath water red! When I got out of the bath my skin felt so soft which I loved!

I haven’t used my sparkly pumpkin bubble bar yet but it smells soooo nice! Overall I am so pleased with this years Lush Halloween products, I cant wait until Friday when all of the Christmas products come out! I will definitely be stocking up on some snow fairy shower gel!

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My Giveaway arrived ~ Thankyou Becca-Louise!


I recently won a Giveaway hosted by Becca-Louise, she has a lovely blog filled with posts about make up, beauty and all things of that nature, You can check out her blog here!

All of the things I received are so lovely, I cant wait to try everything out! I was so excited when I received the package 🙂

When I saw these two little pots I was so excited, I have been wanting to try the lush Toothy tabs out for a while. The little pots they came in are so little and cute! The two I received were ‘Boom’ and ‘Bling’ I cant wait to use them and I will definitely post a review on these when I have tried them.


The other things I received were:

  • Some lovely nail art goodies including stickers, stamps, stencils, nail art tools and a gorgeous Rimmel nail varnish in a lovely plum shade.
  • Simple Gift of kindness gift set
  • Clinique rinse off cleanser
  • 2 lovely lipsticks in the shades ‘fig delight’ and ‘mulberry burst’
  • Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade ‘vintage plum’
  • A mac lipstick in ‘Velvet teddy. This is my first ever mac lipstick so I am very excited about it, I will definitely be doing a review on this as I have wanted to try a mac lipstick for ages! The shade of this is absolutely gorgeous and I just know I will be using this non stop!


Thank you again Becca for hosting such a lovely giveaway! I am excited to announce that in the new year I will be hosting my own giveaway so make sure everyone to look out for that 🙂

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A New Found Love ~ Soap And Glory!


So recently I tried ‘The scrub of your life’ by Soap and glory and I fell in love instantly, this was the first product I had ever used by Soap and glory (Shocking, I know!) but I was really impressed so I went out to get a few more of their products that I wanted to try.

As you can see from the pictures I got: Hand food, Clean on me and Heel Genius.

Hand Food- I had read many good reviews about ‘Hand food’ so I decided to get that because I do get quite dry hands, especially in winter! I was really impressed with this; it smells amazing and it absorbs into your hands straight away, moisturising them but not leaving them sticky. I can already tell that this is something I am going to be buying a lot more of.

Clean On Me Shower Gel-  At £6.50 it is a little more pricey than your average shower gel, but I do have to say that I definitely do think it is worth it. It smells amazing and the bottle it comes in is 500ml so you get a lot of it. After using it my skin felt really soft and the lovely smell of it stayed on my skin.

The Scrub Of Your Life-  This smells amazing and the smell of this also lasts on your skin after getting out of the shower. I noticed with this that you only actually need to use a little bit because it foams up really nicely so it lasts much longer.

Heel Genius- I bought this because along with my hands, my feet get quite dry too. On the bottle it says to apply to feet before bed then put on a pair of cotton socks to let it soak in while you sleep. I have been doing this and I have noticed my feet have started to get a little softer.

Overall I am really impressed with all of the Soap and glory products and I cant wait to try more of them! Have you tried any of the Soap and glory products?

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D.I.Y Lip scrub!


I love the lip scrubs by lush so I decided to try my own recipe!

For smooth lips try this:

Mix ½ a teaspoon of olive oil and ½ a teaspoon of granulated sugar in a bowl.
Then mix in a drop of vanilla extract with the olive oil and granulated sugar.
Optional; add one to two drops of food coloring. Be careful with the amount because if you put in too much it may stain your lips.

I hope you like this and maybe even make your own!

Bye for now! Love,