A Big Hello! (& New Makeup Storage!)


Hello everybody! Its been a while.. I know. I have been so busy with work and things that I’ve just not had time to blog but I have missed it so much! While reading through some of my old blog posts I finally deciced it was time to start blogging again.

So many things have happened recently.. My best friend finally moved back to where I live and now I can see her all of the time again.. yay! I started a new job at Models own working with the things I love most..makeup and nails.. I love it so much and we have just realised a brand new makeup range which I am really excited about.

For todays post I decided to share my new makeup storage because my makeup collection has grown so much over these past few months and it really needed organising so I bought some drawers and some acrylic drawers to go on the top. I’m so happy I decided to sort it out properly and now I have an excuse to buy more makeup!

So first of all I have the little acrylic drawers, in the top compartment I keep all of my favourite nail varnishes and lipsticks and then in the drawers I have some other lip products, lipsticks, glosses and my beloved MUA lip laquers.

Then I have my big drawers; the first drawer is for all of my face products. Highlighters, foundations, contour palettes etc. I recently got a highlighter called ‘rainbeau’ which is a gorgeous rainbow highlighter.



The second drawer is filled with my eyeshadow palettes and my new eyebrow palette from models own which is literally AMAZING! Its just like benefits ‘brow zings’ you get a highlight for your brow bone, wax and a powder for filling in your brows. I have collected so many eyeshadow palettes recently aswell, my favourite at the moment is makeup revolutions new-turals vs neuturals palette!


This next drawer I just use for miscellaneous items like these.. the coloured mascara wands are from models own. They have a new mascara out where you can pick whichever wand you want to go with it depending on what look you want to go for!


Lastly I have the drawer where I keep all of my skincare items, my skin has been quite bad recently and so I decided to try the lush ultrabland facial cleanser and I have been loving it so far. My skin feels nice and fresh after using it and it has toned down some of my spots.


I am in love with my new storage and I’m so glad it is finally all organized.

Over the next few days I am going to organize a new blogging schedule and try to stick to it because I definitely want to get back into blogging, I’ve missed it so much!

How do you store your makeup? Or what would be your dream makeup storage?

Bella x



♡ Nude Smoked Makeup Look! ♡

Hello everybody! Todays video is a Nude smoked look using the boots 17 ‘Nude smoke’ eye shadow trio that I got for Christmas. I fell in love with this and so I decided to do a makeup look based around it.

I love how this look turned out, this is definitely going to be a look that I will use more often!

I hope you all enjoy the video!

Also just a quick note: I have changed my name on here to Bella, I know it might sound a little random but let me explain.. My second name is Bell and as a nickname my friends and family call me Bella, I really like it and so I decided to change my name on here. My YouTube username is ‘Bella Beauty’ so now both my blog and YouTube match.

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The Lipstick Diaries..


Hello everyone! So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite lipsticks at the moment, I have also included 2 lip-glosses because well, why not!

Clinique Pop lip colour and primer (sample size)- My most recent favourite is the cutest little lipstick ever! It is a sample that I got free in this months issue of Glamour (Featured here) The shade is ‘Nude pop’ which is perfect for me as I am sure I mentioned before I love nude shades. The formula of the lipstick is really nice and moisturising on the lips and it has a slight sheen to it.


Available to buy here.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer (301 Galaxy)- I got this one a few weeks back and I absolutely love the colour, it is like a deep plum colour and perfect for autumn/winter time. The only thing about this that I didn’t like at first was the smell, but I don’t mind it as much now and it makes up for it with the gorgeous colour!


Available to buy here.

Make-up Revolution #Liphug in ‘When you came to me’- This one was quite a recent purchase, I love this because it is a perfect every day nude shade. I have been wearing this quite a lot since I got it last week. I love these lipsticks because they are super moisturising and have a lovely shine too them. The only thing is that they don’t last as long as some other lipsticks I have, but I don’t mind that too much.


Available to buy here.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in ‘Shade 28’- The first thing I want to say about this lipstick is that it smells amazing. I cant even describe the smell but its just like a really sweet and lovely smell. The colour of this is gorgeous, I would say this is also a nice everyday lip colour as it is a subtle light pink colour. I love the packaging of the Kate moss lipsticks too, unfortunately I only own one of these at the moment but I hope to get more of them soon!


Available to buy here.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer (500 Luna)- I got this one a little while after purchasing my first one in 301 Galaxy. I am not quite sure how to describe the colour of this.. its like a ‘peachy nude’ but I really love it.


Available to buy here.

MUA Lipstick ‘Shade 2’- This one for me is the perfect wintery lipstick, it is a dark plum colour and it is just gorgeous. I have used it on many occasions to create the perfect autumn/winter make up look. This lipstick also smells really nice too! I know the smell isn’t the main thing to look for but if the lipstick smells nice then that is always a selling point for me!


Available to buy here.

Lipsticks I want to purchase in the future:

MAC- I definitely want to try a mac lipstick as I am still yet to try one! I think the first one I would like to try would be Velvet teddy as I have heard many good things about this lipstick and I love nude shades.

Rimmel- I want to try more of the Kate moss rimmel lipsticks because there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from and at £5.49 they are affordable too!

What are your favourite lipsticks and which ones would you like to try?

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Wearing ~ Wanting ~ Loving


These past couple of weeks I haven’t really been doing as much as I usually do aside from work and the odd shopping trip. I have been quite lazy actually- spending days off watching films and not really doing anything at all.

Anyway I thought I would share with you all some of the things I have been wearing, wanting and loving recently, I think I might make these posts a regular thing.

Wearing ~

I have been wearing these shoes a lot recently- I am in love with them!


They look so smart and are really comfy too! I got them from Primark for £10, I fell in love with them the minute I saw them, they’re just so nice!

I have also been wearing this lipstick a lot since I got it! Its in a darkish red shade and I love it so much.. I’ve only just really gotten into wearing lipsticks- especially darker shades like this. I love this colour and it is perfect for autumn!


Wanting ~


I have really been wanting one of these hats- A couple of times I have been really tempted to buy one but I know I wouldn’t ever wear it. I don’t think I suit hats at all, I really love this hat though!


I also like the look of these but I’m not sure weather to get them or not! What do you think?

Loving ~


Ebay! I have bought a couple of things from Ebay recently ( I will do a post showing you the things that I got when they arrive) There is a seller for Boohoo.com on Ebay that sell their clothes at reduced prices, I bought a cardigan from them because I have been looking everywhere for one and I finally found one I liked! This is what it looks like:


I cant wait until all the things I’ve ordered arrive!

Bye for now!