NYX Lip liner and Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!


While on a shopping in Barnsley (a town near where I live) I popped into boots and spotted an NYX counter! I don’t have one where I live so I was sooo excited when I spotted it! Something I have been wanting to try by NYX for ages is their soft matte lip creams because I have heard so much about them. I had to stop myself from buying the entire counter haha so in the end I picked up these 2 items: The soft matte lip cream in the shade 06 Instanbul and the retractable lip liner in the shade soft pink.

Retractable lip liner (soft pink)- I am not a massive fan of retractable lip liners just because I feel like they don’t last as long as pencil liners but since I loved the colour of this I got it anyway. I love this lip liner because it is quite soft, when you apply this it glides on the lips and doesn’t drag. The formula is really good and doesn’t smudge when its on.

Soft matte lip cream (Istanbul)- I am in love with the shade of this lipstick! Its like a pinky nude shade and perfect to pair with neutral makeup looks. I like the formula of this because its not too drying and it doesn’t crack once it dries which is a problem I have with some matte liquid lipsticks. This is more like a cream as the name suggests, which I love.


Those are the swatches of the lip liner and matte lip cream! The lip cream isn’t quite that dark in person its slightly lighter but its soooo nice I love it!

These are the first products I have tried by NYX and I am very impressed. Both products stayed on really well and are really good quality for an affordable price at £5.50 each.

Have you ever tried any products by NYX? If you have any reccomendations please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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✿ Becoming A morning Person!✿

Aviary Photo_130963149022071404.png

Hello everybody! Todays post is about becoming a morning person, recently I have been getting into a bad routine of going to sleep late and on days off work, waking up late. I have been trying to get into the routine of going to sleep a little earlier and therefore waking up earlier, with the exception of a couple of days i.e new years day when I had been out the night before and woke up with a sore head… (oops) I have been doing well and so I thought I would write this post and if any of you are like me you might find these tips useful!

✿Try your best to go to sleep a little earlier:

The main reason why I usually sleep in is when I stay up late and usually if I stay up past a certain time, I cant get to sleep and just end up watching makeup videos on YouTube or TV which doesn’t help at all because then I stay up even later! So try and go to sleep earlier than you usually do, to try and relax I usually read a book, my current one being #girlboss which is amazing so far!

✿ Set loads of alarms:

Something I like to do is title my alarms as ‘GET UP DONT BE LAZY’ haha it might sound silly but it works for me. I set myself loads of alarms and I make sure I put my phone on my TV stand so that in order to turn off the alarm, I have to get out of bed. That way I am more likely to get up.

✿Stay in a routine:

I find that once I get into a routine its easier to get up in a morning, so yes staying in a routine definitely does help!

Aviary Photo_130963150423514212.png

✿If you’re cold and don’t want to get out of bed:

Grab a jumper/dressing gown/cozy socks and get up! One of my main excuses in winter is that its too cold to get out of bed, so now I always make sure to keep my dressing gown nearby in a morning to grab and wrap around me when I get up.

✿Listen to music:

The best thing to make me feel happy and wake me up a little in a morning is to listen to music! It always puts me in a good mood and it starts my day in the best possible way!

Aviary Photo_130963149681542087.png

✿ Hydrate:

Another goal I have set for myself is to drink more water and this definitely contributes towards feeling better in the mornings. Staying hydrated reduces fatigue and just makes you feel better in general so when you wake up grab yourself a glass of water in the morning to help you start the day.

✿Give yourself enough time to get ready:

If you have work, school or you are going out in a morning, get up early enough to give yourself time to get ready. I find that if I have enough time to get ready and I’m not in a rush then it always puts me in a better mood than when I don’t have time and I have to rush.

I am still getting into the routine of becoming a morning person but I am slowly getting there by following these tips.

Are you a morning person? If you have any tips to share then please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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♡ Bedside Essentials ♡


Hello everybody! I have been really busy recently, I cant believe its already Saturday this week has gone so quick. I have gone back to blonde this week which I am very excited about so I will be doing a post on that soon.

Today I will be sharing with you all my bedside essentials, these are all the things I like to keep on my shelf next to my bed so that I have them handy for me to use on a night time.

A good book- I have recently got back into reading, I used to read all the time but somewhere between exams and then starting work I just seemed to stop. I am so glad that I have started reading again because I had forgotten how much I love it. At the moment I am reading The perks of being a wallflower which I am really enjoying, I will be sure to post a review on this once I have finished it.

Garnier Micellar water- Since discovering this I use it religiously every night, I honestly don’t know what I did without it before. It removes all of my makeup quickly but also removes it properly and more effective than a makeup wipe does. If you would like to know more about this you can read a review I wrote about it here.

Garnier Night care cream- My skin sometimes gets a little dry so at night after removing my makeup I apply this, It just helps to give my skin that little boost it needs.

Earphones- Aside from reading, when I am tucked up in bed I sometimes like to watch YouTube videos. I watch them on my phone mostly so I keep my earphones nearby so I can plug them in and catch up on videos.

Lip balm- My lips tend to get really dry so I always like to keep a lip balm handy. My favourite as you all probably know by now is Baby lips!

Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius- I love this so much! I like to apply it at night after getting out of the shower. I use a generous amount on my feet and then put some cozy socks on, in the morning I wake up with super soft feet!

Notebook-At night when I am in bed I always seem to get ideas for Blog posts or YouTube videos so I always like to keep my notebook handy to jot down anything that I need to.


I also like to have a couple of candles lit on a night time to brighten up the room a little and keep it smelling lovely. The one in this picture is from Primark in the scent ‘Sweet Berry and Patchouli’


The skincare products featured in this post are not the only ones I use on a night time, I tend to keep the others on my dressing table. I hope you all liked this post! What are your bedside essentials?

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Natural Daytime Make-Up Look!


This is one of my favourite looks, it is perfect for when you are a bit pushed for time in the mornings or just for days when you feel like going for more of a natural makeup look. I recently bought some Real Techniques make-up brushes, after reading so many good reviews I decided to go out and buy some to try for myself. I chose the Core Collection kit, I am in love with them they are really good quality and well worth the price. I especially like the pointed foundation brush as it applies my foundation perfectly and makes my skin look lovely! I will post a full review on these brushes soon once I have used them a little more.

So, onto the Make-up look! I started by applying Rimmel BB cream, I have spoken about this before (here) As I was going for a more natural makeup look I decided to go for this rather than my usual foundation.

Next I filled in my brows, I used a medium brown eyebrow pencil just to gently outline my brows and then I used Rimmel Brow this way gel to fill them in.


Next I applied Blusher to my cheeks, I used my MUA one in the shade ‘Candyfloss’ This blush is the perfect pink shade, it looks very natural and it suits my skin tone just right. Just above the blush, I applied some highlighter. I used the one from my W7 Contour Palette, I also used just a little of this underneath my eyebrows to highlight them, to do this I used the real techniques detailer brush.


I then went onto applying my mascara, I chose my Rimmel Supercurler mascara because I think it is perfect for creating natural long looking lashes and also true to its name, it gives your lashes that ‘curled’ look!

To finish of the look, for my lips I chose maybeline babylips lip balm in the shade ‘pink punch’ because it is a lovely colour and I thought it would be perfect as it goes with the MUA candyfloss blush!

This is the finished look:


It is one of my favourite looks as it is so easy to do and it just looks nice and natural. I hope you guys liked it!

Bye for now!

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Autumn/Winter Handbag essentials!


Hello! As it is officially Autumn and the weather has started to get colder I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about my Autumn/Winter handbag essentials!

Hand cream- Dove is a personal favourite of mine! This one is the perfect size to keep in my bag for the colder months when my hands get a little dry.

Tissues- An obvious one for when the weather gets colder.

Mirror- To check your makeup, I always seem to get a red nose in winter 😦

Lip balm- Maybelline baby lips is my personal favourite!

And one that is not on the picture… Camera or Phone to take pictures of the lovely autumn weather- Autumn is so pretty especially the leaves that cover the ground!

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year, I just love everything about it colder nights, Halloween, cozy winter socks!

What are your Autumn/Winter Handbag essentials?



DIY Lip Balm ~ Glitter Edition!


Last week I uploaded a post on how to make your own lip balm, yesterday I made some more so I thought I would share this one with you all.

This lip balm is also tinted so it adds a little colour to your lips!

To make this lip balm you will need:

  • Vaseline
  • A microwavable bowl
  • Spatula
  • An old lipstick-Any colour!
  • A small container for your lip balm
  • Fine glitter

So first of all I put the Vaseline and lipstick (add more or less depending on how tinted you want your lip balm to be) in to a bowl and then put on the microwave for about 4 minutes until it melted, I then took it out of the microwave and mixed it together.

Then I added the fine glitter, I used white glitter and mixed that into the bowl. After this I poured the mixture into my lip balm container and placed it in the fridge to set.

I love to make this lip balm because it is so quick and easy. You could make them as gifts or keep them for yourself!

Hope you liked this diy!




My little bag of essentials ~ unzip encase of emergency!

12026580_1496901320621567_1480684992_n 12000060_1496901353954897_1139230670_n

Hello! Today I thought I would share with you the things I keep in my bag of essentials! I always keep these things in my bag but it wasn’t until last week that I purchased this cute little bag for them, rather than them rolling around in the bottom of my handbag.

The bag in the picture is from H&M and was only £1.99!

The things I keep in my little bag of essentials are…

  1. Hairgrips- There is nothing more annoying than having stray bits of hair flying around and then realising that you don’t have any hairgrips on you to pin them down. This has happened to me many times!

2. Tissues- I always have tissues with me, especially in the cold winter months!

3. Perfume- Because its always nice to spritz a little perfume to keep you smelling lovely!

4. Paracetamol- Just encase of a headache! I get headaches from time to time so its always good for me to know I have some paracetamol on me.

5. Lip balm- My choice of lip balm is of course, Baby lips! I am obsessed with them! Again I always make sure to carry this in the colder months because I am more prone to chapped lips in winter.

6. Sanitary towel- Just encase!

7. A mirror- So I can check my hair and makeup.

8. Hand sanitizer- So I can always keep my hands nice and clean.

So that is my bag of essentials! It is a good size so it slips nicely into my handbag along with all my other things.


What are your handbag essentials?