Think Pink!

13014848_253779671635211_341458348_n.jpgHello everyone I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! As you may be able to tell from the title, todays post is going to be about all things pink. I am so excited because today I am teaming up with Glossier to share some of my favourite pink things to celebrate the #glossierpink range! Glossier is a beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life. They are creating the new essentials: easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine. You can find their beauty products on their website here

I have always been a real girly girl, I just love anything in pink, handbags, lipstick, blush, anything!

Some of my favourite pink things include:

Nails/nail varnish: I must have about 50 different shades of pink nail varnish, I just love it! It’s my favourite colour to paint my nails and if I ever get them done at the salon I usually opt for pink then too!

Clothes: I actually don’t own many pink items of clothing but I do have the pink jumper in the picture above that I love. It’s so cozy!


Lipstick/lipgloss: I do love a bright pink lip, especially in the summer! It completes a makeup look and adds a girly feel.

Basically, I love anything pink! I have a pink fluffy charm for my handbag that is super cute! I bought my little dog a pink collar which she wears all the time, even a little pink coat for her for winter.. she looks so cute in it!

I have loved doing this collaboration with Glossier, especially getting to talk about all things pink! Don’t forget to check out their website and beauty range here for more information!

Are you a fan of pink? If so what are your favourite pink things?

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This Week I’ve Been…


Hello everyone! I am here again today to share some snippets from my week. I cant believe it is Sunday again and the end of another week. I also cant believe that today is the 1st day of November.. its crazy!

So, This week I’ve been:

-Out on lots of walks between work, I love going on walks so much, I took the first picture on Monday while my partner and I were out and I just thought it looked lovely. Despite it being quite cold it was actually quite a nice day on Monday and the sky was really nice and clear.

-Shopping! (as usual) I wanted to share this next picture because I am so excited about buying some more soap and glory products. After trying ‘The scrub of your life’ I fell in love and had to get some of the others to try out. I will post a review on them shortly. Also the pink jumper that you see in the picture I got on the same day, I was so happy that I found it because it is perfect and in my favourite colour- pink!

-Reading. I am currently reading Zoe Sugg’s second book ‘Girl online on tour’ And I have been glued to it. I definitely recommend it.

And of course the last picture is my gorgeous little girl Patch! I have made it a ‘thing’ now that she has to star in every ‘This Week I’ve Been’ post!

I have really enjoyed this week and have just overall been in a really good mood! 🙂

Happy first day of November everyone make sure to say ‘White rabbits!’ Does anyone else do that or is it just me?

Bye for now! 🙂

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Primark, H&M and Charity Shop Haul!


Hello! On Tuesday I went into town to do some shopping, after saving up for a bit I thought it was time to treat myself. Well, I tell myself that so I don’t feel as bad haha!

So my first stop was H&M obviously because its my favourite!! I got this pastel blue sweatshirt in the sale for £3! I am in love with this jumper… I’m actually wearing it now as I’m writing this post! I altered the bottom of it because I don’t like the tight bit that sweatshirts have at the bottom so now it is perfect!

12107250_165158117164034_3417643458297092015_n  12108308_165169390496240_9104626853786529872_n

I also got this black jumper, it was on offer for £5 which was really good because usually it would be £7.99! It is see through so I would pair it with a black crop top underneath. My favourite thing about this jumper is the gorgeous lace detail along the bottom of it.


After H&M I headed to a few charity shops, there are loads in my town and I love looking in them because you can find some really nice things. I got the Grey checked jumper for £3.50, I loved it as soon as I saw it, I love the pattern and for £3.50 it was a bargain! I also got this grey T-shirt, it is a big size but I bought it because it was only £1 and I am going to alter it into a crop top.


Next I got this black, white and grey cardigan, I love this it is slightly oversized and really warm so its perfect for the cold weather. It was only £4.25! I also got this grey long sleeve crop top for £1 just because I liked the look of it. I am not sure how I am going to style it yet but I just liked it and for £1 I couldn’t leave it behind!

After browsing in the charity shops I went into Primark, I prefer the one in Sheffield to the one near me but I did find a few things that I liked this time. I bought a black sports crop top to go underneath the black jumper that I got from H&M, I was really impressed with this when I tried it on at home, I think I might go back and get some more because they are so comfy!

I also got another sweatshirt, this time in grey. The writing ‘Fashionably late’ is definitely me because I am always late for things no matter how hard I try to be on time!



This next one was a present from my lovely partner, after debating with myself at the checkout whether to get it or not and then putting it back. When we came out of the shop he surprised me with it and I was really happy because I did want it I just didn’t want to spend too much money! It has a nice quote on it: ‘Why wait until tomorrow’

I also nipped into B&M and got these little bits… A Lovely polka dot mat that was actually on the pet aisle to put their dishes on. I got one to use as a background for photos just because I thought it looked really pretty! I also got a foot pack for nights when I feel like having a bit of a pamper! I love B&M’s Make up section because they always have a range of different things, I got this BB cream by Rimmel in the shade ‘light’ to try out because it was only £1.99! I have never used BB cream before so I am excited to try it out! I will do a review on it soon when I have used it!


Last of all I nipped into our local phone shop to get a case for my new phone, a pink one of course!


So that was everything that I got while I was shopping. It was really nice because I haven’t been for a while so I really enjoyed it!

Bye for now! Love,


The £20 Fashion Makeover!

We all like to treat ourselves now and again, I know I do! But I often find that when payday comes around I go a little too crazy and end up spending nearly all of my money.

I am always trying to find new ways to save money, especially recently because me and my partner are going on a little trip away soon and we are trying to save up for it. So I was inspired to write this post- The £20 Fashion Makeover! In this post I have chosen 3 different looks that each cost £20 or less for the whole outfit.

So this was the first outfit that I put together, I think it would look really nice with a pair of Chelsea boots or ballet pumps. The jeans are £10 from Primark and the Jumper is £8.99 from New look which I think is a bargain and the colour of it is just gorgeous!

You can find the jumper here and the jeans here

final 2

I am in love with this next look, especially the A-line skirt! I have wanted one for a while but I don’t think I really suit skirts. This whole outfit is from Primark and comes to exactly £20!  This outfit can be paired with black tights on colder days and some cute little boots for the perfect winter outfit.

Top- £4 (link here)    A-line skirt- £8 (link here)    Brown saddle bag- £8 (link here)

final 3

This next look came to just £15.99! I like this outfit because its just a nice comfy outfit that you can dress up with a few accessories. I would usually go for black leggings instead of navy but for some reason there isn’t any black ones on the Primark website. My favourite part of this outfit is the wrap cardigan, its perfect to just throw on over pretty much any outfit!

Leggings- Primark £4 (link here)   Top- Primark £4 (link here)   Cardigan- H&M £7.99 (link here)

final 5

I hope you guys liked this post! I really enjoyed making this post and putting some outfits together for £20 or less.

Bye for now!

Lots of love,


Dungarees ~ 3 Looks

Hello everyone! Yesterday my dungarees came in the post and I am so excited to show them to you! They are Topshop ones but I got them from Ebay for £30 which was a bargain as they are £48 in Topshop at the moment. I have wanted some for so long and I really love the style of the Topshop ones, they are just so nice!

So I wanted to share with you guys 3 different ways I have chosen to style my Dungarees. For this first look I chose this thin purple jumper, perfect for the start of autumn when its quite cold but not quite thick jumper weather. I chose my black trainers to go with the outfit, I love these so much they are really comfy and go with so many of my clothes.

new c

Jumper- Charity shop find   /   Trainers- Topshop

For the second look I chose my Green H&M jumper which is a little thicker than the first jumper. I love the H&M jumpers because they are the perfect shape and just hang really nicely. I always buy a large because I prefer a more oversized look. For this outfit I chose my Snakeskin pumps, you may have figured out I’m a fan of comfy shoes by now!

new b

Jumper- H&M   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

And of course for the last look I chose the classic striped top, I have seen striped tops paired with dungarees a few times and I just couldn’t resist! I think they just look so cute together! I chose to pair my black ballet pumps with this outfit.

new a

Top- Dorothy Perkins   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

I hope you all liked this post, if any of you have dungarees how do you style yours?



Recent Ebay / Charity shop finds!


Ebay is my favourite thing ever, its like a charity shop but online, I just love it! You can find some good bargains on there, half the price of what you would pay for things in the shops.

Recently I have purchased a few things from Ebay and a new charity shop that has opened up in my town, I am very excited about them so I would like to share them with you all!!

So first of all I will show you what I got from Ebay. I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for a while now  but they often come along with a hefty price-tag, so I thought I would look on Ebay to see if there were any decent ones for a cheaper price. I found one for £14.99 originally from Miss Selfridge, and it is just like new! I love the shape of it, not too tight and I also love the fur collar!


Next I got this cardigan, Which was actually brand new from, there is an account on Ebay called boohoo_outlet and they sell all boohoo clothes brand new for a discounted price. This cardigan was £15 which I thought was good for a cardigan.


The last thing I purchased on Ebay was this denim shirt, originally from Topshop for just £4! I have been wanting a denim shirt for a while and I just love this one.


Then from the new charity shop I got this denim jacket that was…. £2! They had a sale on a few rails where everything was £2 and I just couldn’t believe it when I saw this denim jacket! Later on I saw a similar one in H&M for £29.99!!


Lastly I got this jumper also £2, I love the colour and the ribbed detail it has I just cant wait to wear it!


I was going to post this on Saturday and there was going to be pictures of me wearing the clothes but the camera I use (My partners phone) smashed and now doesn’t work so I only had these pictures to work with. I hope you liked this post anyway!

Have you found any Ebay/Charity shop bargains recently?

Bye for now! Love,


Mini Winter Clothes/Accesories Haul.


Yesterday my Partners mum and I went on another shopping trip, we both needed some clothes for the colder weather so we decided to go shopping and get a few things.

We went to Meadowhall in Sheffield again, we love it because all of the shops are bigger than they are in our town and there is much more choice.

Our first stop was Primark (obviously) and I got this scarf, I have had my eye on it for a while and I just had to get it in the end. Its reversible which is why I love it so much! It is Tartan on one side and black and white dogtooth on the other side, this is good because depending on what I am wearing I can change the scarf around to suit it. Its really thick and perfect for autumn/winter months.


Next I got this cute little bag which was reduced to £3! I am in love with Nude colours and I am addicted to bags- so I couldn’t help buying this. Its perfect for days or nights out when you don’t want to take too many things out with you.


I also got this Pyjama set!


After Primark we went to H&M and I got these two jumpers for £7.99 each, I love H&M jumpers because they are really cozy and you can mix and match them to go with different outfits. I got them in a large because I like jumpers to be a little baggy on me when I wear them.


Lastly I got this plate from the £1 shop just because it was so cute and reminded me of Cath Kidston!


We looked in a few other shops but I didn’t see anything else that I liked, I am yet to find a cardigan that I like, I’ve been looking for one everywhere and I cant seem to find one that suits me!

Have you been Autumn/Winter clothes shopping yet? If so what did you buy?

Thanks for reading! Love,