NYX Lip liner and Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!


While on a shopping in Barnsley (a town near where I live) I popped into boots and spotted an NYX counter! I don’t have one where I live so I was sooo excited when I spotted it! Something I have been wanting to try by NYX for ages is their soft matte lip creams because I have heard so much about them. I had to stop myself from buying the entire counter haha so in the end I picked up these 2 items: The soft matte lip cream in the shade 06 Instanbul and the retractable lip liner in the shade soft pink.

Retractable lip liner (soft pink)- I am not a massive fan of retractable lip liners just because I feel like they don’t last as long as pencil liners but since I loved the colour of this I got it anyway. I love this lip liner because it is quite soft, when you apply this it glides on the lips and doesn’t drag. The formula is really good and doesn’t smudge when its on.

Soft matte lip cream (Istanbul)- I am in love with the shade of this lipstick! Its like a pinky nude shade and perfect to pair with neutral makeup looks. I like the formula of this because its not too drying and it doesn’t crack once it dries which is a problem I have with some matte liquid lipsticks. This is more like a cream as the name suggests, which I love.


Those are the swatches of the lip liner and matte lip cream! The lip cream isn’t quite that dark in person its slightly lighter but its soooo nice I love it!

These are the first products I have tried by NYX and I am very impressed. Both products stayed on really well and are really good quality for an affordable price at £5.50 each.

Have you ever tried any products by NYX? If you have any reccomendations please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide..


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas or birthdays I tend to be really organized, I like to write lists and plan out everything that I am going to do. So I thought it would be a good idea to write a Christmas shopping guide to share a few of my personal tips when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

  • Ask your loved ones for some ideas- This may work better with some, but there’s always one that doesn’t have a clue what they want! Get your family/friends to write a few things down that they would like so that then you have something to work with.
  • Look in Christmas catalogues– This one is just a personal preference but I love the Christmas catalogues, especially the Superdrug one because you can find some lovely gift ideas in there from stocking fillers to full Christmas gift sets.
  • Plan Christmas shopping trips- Although at times it can get a little hectic in the shops around Christmas, I love Christmas shopping. You could plan a shopping trip with friends or family or go alone if you would prefer it, make sure you write a list of the things you need and you are good to go!
  • Research- Okay so this may sound a little silly but trust me its worth while. By research I mean check online for gifts from several different shops and compare for the best price. There is nothing worse than paying a lot for something and then realising you could have gotten it for like £20 cheaper…
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute! This is definitely the main tip I would give as if you have quite a few things to get then you may find yourself in a rush to get everything that you need!
  • Shop online- You may prefer to do this rather than shopping in store, or you may want to just shop online for a few bits. Either way shopping online is good because you may be able to find some things that you couldn’t get in store that were sold out.

Also the main thing is to make sure to make Christmas shopping enjoyable! Here is a little gift inspiration to give you a few ideas..


  1. Nivea Mens Minis- £5.99 at Very.co.uk link here
  2. Superdry Christmas jumper- £29.99 at TKmaxx link here
  3. ASOS leather gift set- £22 at ASOS link here
  4. Lynx Africa duo- £4.50 at Superdrug link here


  1. Pink pom pom hat- £15 from River Island link here
  2. Cath Kidston Travel Cup- £8 from ASOS link here
  3. Tanya Burr candy cane trio- £6 from Superdrug link here
  4. Ari by Ariana Grande Perfume gift set- £31 from boots link here

I think I may have to put the pom pom hat on my list because it is so cute! They are like little ears! I hope you liked this shopping guide and I hope it gave you a few useful tips and gift ideas to use for Christmas.

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Top 5 Beauty Products Under £5!


This one is a little different for a Sunday as I usually do my ‘This week I’ve been’ post, but I have decided I am going to change that to a monthly post. So I am here today showing you my top 5 beauty products for under £5.

Okay so in no particular order… these are my top 5 beauty products!

  1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water–  I know I just said in no particular order but this one really is my favourite product ever! I honestly would never go without this now that I have started using it. Not only does it remove all of my make up quickly and properly, it also makes my skin feel really soft! I have really noticed a difference in my skin since using this, it is also fragrance free so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It comes in two different sizes: £1.99 for 125ml or £3.33 for 400ml. The smaller size is good for travel but obviously it is better value purchasing the 400ml one. You can get it here but it is also available at many other stores.
  2. Make Up Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette– This palette has 12 different shades of gorgeous matte eye shadows, at £4 it is really affordable for an eye shadow palette. I love the Make up revolution palettes because they are really pigmented and good quality at a great price. This palette is perfect for every day looks because the shades are matte, there is a mixture of light nude shades and darker shades to create the perfect smoky eye. You can get this palette from Superdrug here, or from the Make-up Revolution website.
  3. MUA Lipstick in the shade ‘Tulip’-  I really like the MUA lipsticks, the only ones I am not as keen on are the Matte ones because I feel that they do not apply as well as the other ones. This one however is not a matte one so I like it! I love the colour of it, it is a lovely light pink colour. I like to wear this on days when I am going for a lighter more natural make up look.


The MUA lipsticks are very affordable at just £1 each! You can get them from the Superdrug website here.

4. MUA Blush in the shade ‘Marshmallow’- Another MUA product! These blushes are perfect for any make up look, they come in 6 different shades, I have 2 of them and they are super affordable at £1 each! This blush is a little bright so I only sweep my blush brush over it very lightly for a more natural look. You can get these from the Superdrug website here.

5. Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel- This one is a new found product that I have instantly fell in love with! I use it after lightly filling in my brows to add a little more definition, mine is in the shade ‘Medium brown’ It also helps to set your eyebrows and keep the hairs in place throughout the day. It is available in light brown, medium brown and dark brown and also in clear. It is £3.99 and available in most make up stores, you can get it from the Superdrug website here.

So those are my Top 5 beauty products under £5! I hope you liked it and maybe it helped you find some new beauty products to try in the future if you haven’t tried them already.

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Primark, H&M and Charity Shop Haul!


Hello! On Tuesday I went into town to do some shopping, after saving up for a bit I thought it was time to treat myself. Well, I tell myself that so I don’t feel as bad haha!

So my first stop was H&M obviously because its my favourite!! I got this pastel blue sweatshirt in the sale for £3! I am in love with this jumper… I’m actually wearing it now as I’m writing this post! I altered the bottom of it because I don’t like the tight bit that sweatshirts have at the bottom so now it is perfect!

12107250_165158117164034_3417643458297092015_n  12108308_165169390496240_9104626853786529872_n

I also got this black jumper, it was on offer for £5 which was really good because usually it would be £7.99! It is see through so I would pair it with a black crop top underneath. My favourite thing about this jumper is the gorgeous lace detail along the bottom of it.


After H&M I headed to a few charity shops, there are loads in my town and I love looking in them because you can find some really nice things. I got the Grey checked jumper for £3.50, I loved it as soon as I saw it, I love the pattern and for £3.50 it was a bargain! I also got this grey T-shirt, it is a big size but I bought it because it was only £1 and I am going to alter it into a crop top.


Next I got this black, white and grey cardigan, I love this it is slightly oversized and really warm so its perfect for the cold weather. It was only £4.25! I also got this grey long sleeve crop top for £1 just because I liked the look of it. I am not sure how I am going to style it yet but I just liked it and for £1 I couldn’t leave it behind!

After browsing in the charity shops I went into Primark, I prefer the one in Sheffield to the one near me but I did find a few things that I liked this time. I bought a black sports crop top to go underneath the black jumper that I got from H&M, I was really impressed with this when I tried it on at home, I think I might go back and get some more because they are so comfy!

I also got another sweatshirt, this time in grey. The writing ‘Fashionably late’ is definitely me because I am always late for things no matter how hard I try to be on time!



This next one was a present from my lovely partner, after debating with myself at the checkout whether to get it or not and then putting it back. When we came out of the shop he surprised me with it and I was really happy because I did want it I just didn’t want to spend too much money! It has a nice quote on it: ‘Why wait until tomorrow’

I also nipped into B&M and got these little bits… A Lovely polka dot mat that was actually on the pet aisle to put their dishes on. I got one to use as a background for photos just because I thought it looked really pretty! I also got a foot pack for nights when I feel like having a bit of a pamper! I love B&M’s Make up section because they always have a range of different things, I got this BB cream by Rimmel in the shade ‘light’ to try out because it was only £1.99! I have never used BB cream before so I am excited to try it out! I will do a review on it soon when I have used it!


Last of all I nipped into our local phone shop to get a case for my new phone, a pink one of course!


So that was everything that I got while I was shopping. It was really nice because I haven’t been for a while so I really enjoyed it!

Bye for now! Love,


This Week I’ve Been…


I seem to be making a habit of doing these posts on a Monday instead of a Sunday! My intention is to post them on a Sunday but I never have time and then end up doing them the next day. I am still trying to save up for when we go away but its so hard! I’m the worst person when it comes to saving up, I just love shopping too much!

I got a nice surprise this week, I got my new phone early! After having a Nokia Lumia for 2 years I got a new Samsung Galaxy A3! I love it because it is a Smartphone (My last one was a windows phone) The biggest mistake ever was getting a windows phone because I couldn’t get any good apps like Instagram and my camera didn’t have flash so it was rubbish! Now my new phone is perfect and I finally have Instagram, you can follow me here!

Because of saving up I haven’t really been going shopping apart from the weekly Asda shop, while I was there I picked up some bedding which was way to nice to leave behind, it was reduced to £8 in the sale!ff5

I also got this really cute pyjama set with dogs on! I’m obsessed with pyjamas and I already have too many but they are my weakness!


Also this week I hit 100 followers so thank you everyone for that! I was so pleased when I saw! I am really enjoying writing this blog and I am so glad I have finally got the hang of it!

Bye for now! Love,



The £20 Fashion Makeover!

We all like to treat ourselves now and again, I know I do! But I often find that when payday comes around I go a little too crazy and end up spending nearly all of my money.

I am always trying to find new ways to save money, especially recently because me and my partner are going on a little trip away soon and we are trying to save up for it. So I was inspired to write this post- The £20 Fashion Makeover! In this post I have chosen 3 different looks that each cost £20 or less for the whole outfit.

So this was the first outfit that I put together, I think it would look really nice with a pair of Chelsea boots or ballet pumps. The jeans are £10 from Primark and the Jumper is £8.99 from New look which I think is a bargain and the colour of it is just gorgeous!

You can find the jumper here and the jeans here

final 2

I am in love with this next look, especially the A-line skirt! I have wanted one for a while but I don’t think I really suit skirts. This whole outfit is from Primark and comes to exactly £20!  This outfit can be paired with black tights on colder days and some cute little boots for the perfect winter outfit.

Top- £4 (link here)    A-line skirt- £8 (link here)    Brown saddle bag- £8 (link here)

final 3

This next look came to just £15.99! I like this outfit because its just a nice comfy outfit that you can dress up with a few accessories. I would usually go for black leggings instead of navy but for some reason there isn’t any black ones on the Primark website. My favourite part of this outfit is the wrap cardigan, its perfect to just throw on over pretty much any outfit!

Leggings- Primark £4 (link here)   Top- Primark £4 (link here)   Cardigan- H&M £7.99 (link here)

final 5

I hope you guys liked this post! I really enjoyed making this post and putting some outfits together for £20 or less.

Bye for now!

Lots of love,


Dungarees ~ 3 Looks

Hello everyone! Yesterday my dungarees came in the post and I am so excited to show them to you! They are Topshop ones but I got them from Ebay for £30 which was a bargain as they are £48 in Topshop at the moment. I have wanted some for so long and I really love the style of the Topshop ones, they are just so nice!

So I wanted to share with you guys 3 different ways I have chosen to style my Dungarees. For this first look I chose this thin purple jumper, perfect for the start of autumn when its quite cold but not quite thick jumper weather. I chose my black trainers to go with the outfit, I love these so much they are really comfy and go with so many of my clothes.

new c

Jumper- Charity shop find   /   Trainers- Topshop

For the second look I chose my Green H&M jumper which is a little thicker than the first jumper. I love the H&M jumpers because they are the perfect shape and just hang really nicely. I always buy a large because I prefer a more oversized look. For this outfit I chose my Snakeskin pumps, you may have figured out I’m a fan of comfy shoes by now!

new b

Jumper- H&M   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

And of course for the last look I chose the classic striped top, I have seen striped tops paired with dungarees a few times and I just couldn’t resist! I think they just look so cute together! I chose to pair my black ballet pumps with this outfit.

new a

Top- Dorothy Perkins   /   Pumps- Garage shoes

I hope you all liked this post, if any of you have dungarees how do you style yours?