Primark Lip Products & Lipstick Storage


Hello lovelies! Its finally Friday.. Yay! I hope you have all had a great week,  I had my 4th driving lesson this week and actually felt way more confident than the other times so I was really pleased about that!

Last week I had a little shopping trip in Primark, I was disappointed as I didn’t really find any clothes that I liked but I did have a look in the beauty section. I have never actually tried any of Primark’s makeup products apart from false eyelashes because I never expected them to be any good, but after reading various good reviews and a couple of my blogging friends talking about them I decided to give them a go!

I opted for a lip liner pencil which doesn’t have a shade name but its a lovely bright pink colour and a lipstick in the shade ‘Marshmallow’

Ps Lip liner pencil: I am in love with the colour of this lipliner, its such a bright, vibrant pink shade. I have been looking for a colour like this for ages and have never been able to find one. The liner applied ok but I was a little disappointed as it seemed to drag a little when I applied it and didn’t really apply smoothly but for £1 it has really good colour pay off and looks amazing on.

Ps Moisture rich lipstick with Vitamin E Shea Butter: I literally have nothing negative to say at all about this lipstick. It is a gorgeous colour and goes perfect with the lip liner. It applies smoothly and the colour payoff is amazing! It is really good quality which I didn’t expect at all.

Overall I am really pleased and pleasantly surprised at the quality of the primark beauty products and I will definitely be trying more in the future! If you are going to try any I definitely recommend these two as a combo for the perfect summery pink lip!


While I was in the beauty section I also spotted this lipstick holder for £2! Although I do have way more lipsticks than the 7 slots it has I still decided to get it because I can display the 7 lipsticks that I use the most in it, it looks really nice and its so worth £2.

I think Primark are definitely upping their game in the beauty department, I will definitely be purchasing some more beauty products from there soon.

Have you tried any of the Primark beauty products? What did you think of them?

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13 thoughts on “Primark Lip Products & Lipstick Storage

  1. My friend tried out some of their lipsticks yesterday and it wouldn’t come off her hand for the whole day, it was hilarious! Can definitely say that they stay on for a long time haha.


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