☆Peaches, Birthdays & Driving Gone Wrong☆


What an odd title! But when it came to thinking about what I got up to this week, that is literally what came to mind. I had my second ever driving lesson this week, and if I’m honest I may quite literally be the worst driver ever.

So lets rewind to the start of this week, Monday. My driving lesson was at 12:30. I woke up feeling positive, gave myself a little pep talk *you can do this!* *you will be way better than you were last week!* *You wont be as nervous* Despite all of that, no matter how many times I tried to tell myself I wasn’t nervous, I really was. In fact I was so nervous and anxious I gave myself the worst headache which made things even worse!  When my lesson started we went to a quiet road near where I live but I was too worried about other cars and way to panicky so we had to go somewhere else where there was hardly any other cars. I did start to feel a little better when we got there, I felt more relaxed and I was able to focus on driving rather than worrying about other cars. For some reason though I cant drive in a straight line? Does that even make sense?! I kept driving towards the kerb haha instead of just driving straight.. I think its definitely going to take me a while to get used to driving before I feel confident.

I think the main thing with me is that I worry way too much, when I was driving I’d got myself so worked up that my headache was even worse and it literally felt like my eyes were going to pop out!

Anyway crashing driving aside, I had a pretty good week! I haven’t really done much to be honest but I’ve just been in a really good mood! I have been really focusing on my blog and I am loving the fact that I have also started to do lifestyle posts as well as fashion and beauty. I have taken more time aside this week to focus on me, having little pamper sessions which always improve my mood 100% I definitely need to keep doing this because I feel so much better and I feel like I have a better day when I feel good about myself, I’m sure you guys can relate to that.

I have been obsessed with peach coloured hair, I think that might be the next colour I will go after this lilac has faded from my hair. I’m thinking of using Bleach London’s ‘awkward peach’ because it looks like such a gorgeous shade! Ooh and I have 400 points on my boots card so I’m not far off getting it for free! 😉

I feel like this post is just me sharing loads of random things about my week/thoughts/whats been going on with me but it feels good to share these things in a post.. I hope you guys don’t mind! This week I feel like luck has really been on my side I really hope that didn’t sound cheesy I went shopping on Wednesday for some birthday presents for my boyfriends mum and while shopping in boots I spotted Soap and Glorys ‘Bad day box’ for £4!! Which includes the full size ahem FULL SIZE ‘butter yourself’ body butter, a mini ‘pulp friction’ body scrub and a mini ‘foam call’ shower gel. I was so happy because Ive never tried any of these and I got them all for £4! Also I made my first two sales on Etsy this week which made me so happy!

Overall I have had an amazing week despite being RUBBISH at driving but I know I will get better with time.

What did you get up to this week?

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