♡ DIY Felt Patch-A Tutorial ♡


Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today I thought I would share a little DIY with you all. Since getting back into sewing I have been trying a few new things, one of them being this felt patch. I have noticed recently that patches seem to be making a comeback and so I thought this would be the perfect DIY project.

So for this DIY you will need:

✿Felt in the colours of your choice

✿Invisible thread


✿Embroidery thread

First I started by deciding what design I wanted to use, I chose a love heart shape with the quote ‘Girl boss’ because lets face it, I’m still totally inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book!

I drew a heart shape onto the pink felt and cut it out, then a slightly smaller heart shape on the white felt and cut that out. Then with a pencil I lightly wrote ‘Girl boss’ onto the white felt and embroidered over the writing with black embroidery thread.

I then put the white heart in the middle of the pink heart and used invisible thread to sew them both together, I used invisible thread so that it would look neater. And Voila! My patch was finished! I love this because it is a quick and easy DIY and the finished product is super cute! I definitely want to make some more of these because I am really pleased with how this one turned out.

If you are stuck for ideas here are some pictures I found on google for some #Patchinspo!


I love the backpack- so 90’s! I really like this trend and I cant wait to put my patch onto my denim jacket.

I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial and maybe even design your own patches!

Bella x

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