♡ Being social and blogging ♡


I have been wanting to join in with the twitter chats for a while now, before this week I had only ever joined in with the #bblogggers chat on twitter once, not because I didn’t want to join in with the chats but because I didn’t know when they were or I would forget and then miss them!

This Week I have joined in with the #bbloggers chat, fbloggers chat, #bdib chat and #crazy bloggers chat and I have had so much fun! Twitter chats are a great way to meet new bloggers and find new blogs. Because I didn’t know when all of the twitter chats were I started by googling ‘twitter chats for bloggers’ and I found a blog post written by Becky who I have met through twitter, she also hosts the #fbloggers chat. I found the post really useful because Becky had listed all of the twitter chats that are on Monday-Sunday and what times they are on at. I screenshotted them on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget and it really worked! You can find Becky’s post here.

I have loved joining in with the twitter chats and its great to meet other bloggers and check out their blogs, I especially love how there are different topics every week. For example in the #fbloggers chat this week the topic was about storage with questions like ‘How do you store your clothes? Do you have a special system?’ It was really good to join in and see other peoples answers, I got a few tips on storage ideas and now I have been inspired to get rid of my old shabby wardrobes and invest in some clothes rails! They will look so much better.

Because I am so unorganized with the chats I received some great advice from Hannah who runs the blog hannahlouiseblogs.wordpress.com  to put them on my phone calendar/write them in my diary to remind me of when the twitter chats are! I have done this and I find it way more useful!

Overall I have loved joining in with all of the twitter chats and I am so happy with how welcoming everyone was. The blogging community is such a positive and happy place! Have you ever joined in with any of the twitter chats?


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10 thoughts on “♡ Being social and blogging ♡

  1. You should definitely add #TheGirlGang to your list of Twitter chats to attend, it’s one of my favourites. It’s every Monday from 6-7pm and the theme is completely different every week!


    • I didn’t before but they are easy once you get into them! Every chat there will be a different host and topic and they will ask questions, you answer them and that’s it! There is an #lbloggers chat on now till 8 then #bbloggers 8-9 if your looking to join any tonight 🙂 x


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