♡ Fashion Staples- The Leather Backpack! ♡


Remember in one of my other posts when I said I just couldn’t justify buying another bag? Well… lets just forget I said that.

Behold- The black leather backpack. I have been searching for the perfect one for a while now and when I spotted this in Primark last week I just had to have it! It is perfect, I prefer zip ones and finally I found the perfect one for me, and for only £10! The fact that it is black means that it goes with basically any outfit which is always a plus. The front pocket of the backpack is perfect for keeping essentials in like any makeup I might need, lip balm, hair clips, hand sanitizer etc.

The size of the back compartment is perfect and fits everything I need in, but still keeps its shape when its not filled up with loads of stuff. Oh and I obviously had to add a pom pom keychain onto the zip because I am completely obsessed with them. I cant help it I already have 3 and I still want more.


You can find a similar backpack to this at boohoo.com here or if you prefer the drawstring type here. I have also seen them in shops like H&M and New Look. I can already tell this is going to be a staple for me over these next few months, I’ve used it so much already!

I love backpacks which is weird because I never really liked them when I was at school! What do you think, do you like backpacks or prefer handbags?


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