♡ Organization tips ft my new notebooks! ♡


I am either one or the other; sometimes I am really organized and have everything planned and other times I am a complete unorganized mess and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! I don’t know how I can sometimes be one or the other but I do know that it is so annoying when I’m not organized, so recently I have been working on ways to be more organized and stay that way.

Something I seem to do quite often is try and set myself too many tasks to do at once, earlier on this week I saw this quote: ‘Set yourself weekly goals and plan how you are going to reach them.’ This made me realise that focusing on one thing at a time and then planning from there is so much easier.

I also got these cute little notebooks to help me plan things and write to do lists so that I can see things I need to do and tick them off when I have done them. The one with cameras on is for blogging obviously 😉 and the other one is for my etsy shop. I also bought some page dividers so I could separate the notebooks into sections.


Another thing I have found really helpful with keeping organized is using this weekly planner which I already has and planning things I need to do Monday-Sunday. That way I can see the things I need to get done in that week.

So now that I’m feeling all organized I thought it would be good to share some organization tips with you all! You can apply these to anything; blogging, college, school, work..

♡ Set daily goals- Write a daily to do list

♡ Set weekly goals- Track your weekly progress

♡ Organize your workspace

♡ Be motivated!

♡ Keep a whiteboard/notice board with reminders to yourself

♡ Keep a planner

♡ Get enough sleep each night

♡ Do one thing at a time- Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things to do at once!

♡ Write everything down and don’t rely on memory

♡ Tidy your workspace!

Have you got any organization tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below 🙂




10 thoughts on “♡ Organization tips ft my new notebooks! ♡

  1. Great tips! I need to start doing this and taking it seriously. Right now I make to-do lists in my head and then feel totally unmotivated to do them because it wasn’t on paper so it’s not “real” haha 😀


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