♡ Pastel/Floral Daydream ♡


*Ok so first things first.. I neeeed a new blogging schedule. The one I have at the minute doesn’t work for me so I am going to change it to Monday (video posts) and Friday for my blog posts.*

Lately I have been inspired by all things pastel and floral, wether it be clothes, bags, accessories especially hair.. I have been so tempted to dye my hair a pastel colour again but I am trying to grow it out and I don’t really want to damage it with more bleach but its so tempting! Why does bleaching your hair have to be so damaging?

I have also been loving pastel/floral print bags and I am obsessed with this backpack from Cath Kidston it is soooo cute! I am so tempted to buy it but I cant justify buying another bag as I have so many.. who knows maybe I will attempt to make one!


My pastel obsession is also reflecting on my fabric choices because I seem to be going for girly/pastel/floral prints which I am just in looooove with at the moment! I think I might make a backpack out of this print…



Also yesterday I went shopping and bought these which all seem to have a pastel theme.. I am so happy with the choker necklaces because they are so cute! The unicorn tote was actually something I saw at the till and I bought it just because I liked the print with the lovely little unicorn and then I got this pen pot for my desk which is also pastel…. yay!

What colours/prints have been inspiring you lately?


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