♡ A Little Chat ♡


Since I have been absent for this past week *oops*  I thought I would post a little life update! Have you ever had one of those weeks where it just seemed that one thing after another popped up and needed to be done?! Last week was one of those weeks. Between filling out forms and boring adulty things I feel like the week went by so fast! For todays post I decided to share with you all the none boring things I got up too…

I started last week by visiting Leeds for the day with Lucas, it was really nice to have a day out together and while we were there we found a dunkin’ donuts *YUM* I also went to the market in Leeds and loved it there are so many craft stalls which are the best kind!

I have always loved sewing and I have spent a lot of time sewing this week; I made the cutest strawberry print tote bag with a matching purse! Sewing is so relaxing and I just love the fact that at the end of it you have something that you have created yourself! This week I finally set up my brand new Etsy shop ‘Ditsy Bella’ which I am very excited about, the link is here if you would like to check it out! There are many more items coming soon!



12660248_211735025839676_277203854_n.jpg12647805_211735022506343_962766322_n.jpg12647877_213170595696119_269150595_nI also made this super cute donut keyring for my keys!! Who knows I may have car keys on there soon as I will soon be starting my driving lessons oooh exciting!

What have you been up to recently?


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4 thoughts on “♡ A Little Chat ♡

  1. Good luck with your driving when you start🙂 sounds like you have been up to a lot recently! Unlike me who has been living the low life saving for my holidays 😁😁💕


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