♡ My New Desk Space! ♡


This is my new wonderful desk setup, we have a little office room at home and up until now we have only really used it for storage. I finally decided to sort a few things out and make more space in the office so that I was able to use the desk that we have in there.

Todays post is a collaboration with a company called WeWork, they offer amazing shared office spaces along with many benefits and discounts for people who freelance or run their own business! The idea of this post is to share my current workspace which was my sofa up until now, but I’m sure that wouldn’t have been very interesting so I am excited to share my new and improved workspace with you all!

Now onto the desk layout: In the left corner I have a couple of books that inspire me, sometimes I like to flick through them to get a little inspiration. and in the right corner I have my super cute Hello kitty mug that I am using as a pen pot because it is too cute to be tucked away in the cupboard! I use it to store my sharpies and a couple of pens. Then next to that is a candle because I love to have candles lit, this one is vanilla and it smells amazing!


Next up is my laptop of course, I use this for everything; blogging, editing, uploading videos and pictures, I don’t know what I would do without it! I always like to have a pretty background on my laptop to keep it looking cute! I also like to keep my two favourite notebooks nearby, the one with cameras on is my newest one which is so pretty, I use it to plan blog posts.

I am really pleased with my new workspace and I have to say, I get a lot more done now that I have this space, I get distracted really easily but with this space it helps me to keep focused!

Bye for now!

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7 thoughts on “♡ My New Desk Space! ♡

  1. Awesome space! 🙂 I just noticed…the same companies are reaching out to us both (that I know of so far, lol). WeWork contacted me like two weeks ago? I still have yet to take pictures of my current space lol.


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