♡ The Kitty Cafe (^._.^)ノ ♡


So as I have already mentioned, my boyfriend and I spent last week away in Nottingham. We had such a nice time and while we were there we went to watch ‘Thriller live’ at the Royal Concert Hall which was amazing, I love Michael Jackson and the show was incredible!

Before we went away I looked online at places to go while we were staying there and I came across ‘The kitty cafe’ and I was so excited! I love cats and it just looked like a really great place so we made a reservation online (you have to make a reservation before you visit so make sure to do that if you are planning to go)

“Kitty Café is a re-homing and care facility for cats and kittens from a range of backgrounds. From rescue cats, to strays, to cats which have had medical issues – we take them in and look after them until they find their forever home.”



When we arrived we were shown to our seats and greeted by little Star who jumped up onto the chair to say hello!

The café was so lovely inside and it was so nice too see all of the things built for the cats to play on.

12540502_204934699853042_324887600_n.jpg 12575758_204934549853057_291770333_n.jpg


Here are a few more pictures I took while we were there! I had so much fun and it was so exciting meeting all of the lovely cats, they were so cute and friendly. I loved playing with all of the cats and I will definitely visit again next time we go to Nottingham.

If you love cats then I definitely recommend you visit here because you will love it, I didn’t want to leave!

Have you visited the Kitty café in Nottingham?

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