✿ Soap And Glory Skincare ✿

12506598_200142390332273_1237749792_n.jpgHello everybody! As you are reading this I will be away with my Boyfriend until Friday, we have gone away for our anniversary for a few days. But I decided that while I am away I will set scheduled posts to go up, I cant decide whether that’s really sad or not but I didn’t want to leave my blog with no posts going up!

Anyway onto the post…

For Christmas I received ‘The whole shebang’ Gift set by Soap and Glory which included the ‘Peaches and clean’ Deep cleansing milk and a 50% off voucher for the’3in1 daily detox’ Vitamin C Facial wash. When I went into boots to get the facial wash it was on offer for £6 so with the voucher I got it for just £3!

✿Peaches and clean deep cleansing milk:

‘Purify your face and neck with a couple of pumps of peaches and clean, rinse well then massage on your moisturiser’

On the bottle it claims to ‘melt away makeup’ I usually remove my makeup with a makeup wipe before I use this just because that’s the way I like to do it. I did try it once without using a makeup wipe though to test if it does remove make up effectively, it did remove my makeup quite well but I find it didn’t remove my mascara very well as I was left with slight panda eyes after using it. Other than that though I do like this product and my skin does feel soft and cleansed afterwards.

Aviary Photo_130966739444896596.png

✿ 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash:

‘Squeeze a grape sized measure of this fabulous face soap and clarify onto damp skin, rub into a lather, then rinse’

I have been looking for a new facial wash for a while now so I was really excited about this one when I bought it. After using this facial wash my skin feels amazingly soft! I am really impressed, I love how refreshed my skin feels after using it. I also like how there are little beads inside of the facial wash that help to exfoliate.

On the whole I am really impressed with these products and they both have a place in my daily skincare routine. After using these I cant wait to try more of the Soap and glory skincare products!

Have you tried any products from the Soap and Glory skincare range? If so what did you think of them?

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