✿ Becoming A morning Person!✿

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Hello everybody! Todays post is about becoming a morning person, recently I have been getting into a bad routine of going to sleep late and on days off work, waking up late. I have been trying to get into the routine of going to sleep a little earlier and therefore waking up earlier, with the exception of a couple of days i.e new years day when I had been out the night before and woke up with a sore head… (oops) I have been doing well and so I thought I would write this post and if any of you are like me you might find these tips useful!

✿Try your best to go to sleep a little earlier:

The main reason why I usually sleep in is when I stay up late and usually if I stay up past a certain time, I cant get to sleep and just end up watching makeup videos on YouTube or TV which doesn’t help at all because then I stay up even later! So try and go to sleep earlier than you usually do, to try and relax I usually read a book, my current one being #girlboss which is amazing so far!

✿ Set loads of alarms:

Something I like to do is title my alarms as ‘GET UP DONT BE LAZY’ haha it might sound silly but it works for me. I set myself loads of alarms and I make sure I put my phone on my TV stand so that in order to turn off the alarm, I have to get out of bed. That way I am more likely to get up.

✿Stay in a routine:

I find that once I get into a routine its easier to get up in a morning, so yes staying in a routine definitely does help!

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✿If you’re cold and don’t want to get out of bed:

Grab a jumper/dressing gown/cozy socks and get up! One of my main excuses in winter is that its too cold to get out of bed, so now I always make sure to keep my dressing gown nearby in a morning to grab and wrap around me when I get up.

✿Listen to music:

The best thing to make me feel happy and wake me up a little in a morning is to listen to music! It always puts me in a good mood and it starts my day in the best possible way!

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✿ Hydrate:

Another goal I have set for myself is to drink more water and this definitely contributes towards feeling better in the mornings. Staying hydrated reduces fatigue and just makes you feel better in general so when you wake up grab yourself a glass of water in the morning to help you start the day.

✿Give yourself enough time to get ready:

If you have work, school or you are going out in a morning, get up early enough to give yourself time to get ready. I find that if I have enough time to get ready and I’m not in a rush then it always puts me in a better mood than when I don’t have time and I have to rush.

I am still getting into the routine of becoming a morning person but I am slowly getting there by following these tips.

Are you a morning person? If you have any tips to share then please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “✿ Becoming A morning Person!✿

  1. I love waking up early, but if my brain doesn’t want to wake up then I won’t, even if my alarm is blaring in my ear (I’ll just roll over and ignore it and in the process wake up everybody in the house else except for myself). I really need to get back into the habit of waking up early though, I feel so much better if I can have a productive morning, plus it means you’re prepared for when lighting is at it’s best for those blog photos ;-).


  2. I definitely needed this! I am the “it’s too cold to get out” type of person right now as it is winter where I live. I honestly struggle every morning to get up because of this but may just go ahead and use your tips of listening to music and keeping something warm right next to me to enjoy my mornings and therefore day a whole lot more!


  3. I’m 100% a morning person! I try and go to bed and get up at around the same time every day, even on weekends. I also give myself 10-15 minutes without TV or phone before bed and recommend a sleep tracker app! Wakes you up in your lightest phase of sleep so you aren’t tempted to hit snooze! Xxx


      • It’s an app that you run through your phone/iPad etc to track your sleep pattern. For Android the best is Sleep as Android (about £2) and for Apple it’s Sleep Cycle (about 70p) in my opinion. I’ve used one for about 18 months and the difference it makes is unreal. You input a time you need to be up by and it wakes you up in the 30/40 minute period before- in the lightest phase of sleep, so you wake gently and naturally and feel refreshed 🙂 hope this helps! Xxx


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