♡ Makeup Revolution Double Review! ♡

Aviary Photo_130961351986768921.png

Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, today I will be reviewing two Makeup Revolution palettes that I received as gifts at Christmas. Both of these palettes are so pretty and because they are similar shades I decided to review them together.

The two palettes featured are the Ultra blush palette in golden sugar and the Redemption iconic 3 palette. They are both so pretty and are quickly becoming my favourite palettes.

The golden sugar palette is something that I have been wanting for ages, all of the colours are so pretty and it is just the perfect cheek palette including bronzers, merged blushers, baked bronzer and 2 merged baked highlighters. I have been using this palette so much especially the bottom left highlighter.

Aviary Photo_130961392555018850.png

Aviary Photo_130961400190385111.png Aviary Photo_130961400419913695.png

These are swatches from the golden sugar palette, I am in love with all of the shades, they are highly pigmented and apply beautifully. I love that there is a mix of highlighters, blushes and bronzers because depending on what I feel like using on certain days I can mix it up.

The Iconic 3 palette is similar (so I have heard) to Urban decay’s naked 3 palette. I love the colours in this palette they are all shades that I tend to pick for eye makeup looks. I especially love the soft pink shades because they are my go to shades for everyday makeup looks.

Aviary Photo_130961373656424260

Aviary Photo_130961454830074056.png

As you can see the eye shadows are really pigmented and really pretty! The variety of colours is great because you can create so many different looks. I actually really like the packaging of this palette because you can see the shades which makes it easier when deciding which palette I would like to use.

This palette is perfect for me because I love the look of the Urban Decay palettes but at the moment I just cant justify spending so much money on one. From pictures I have seen the shades in this are pretty much identical to the naked 3 palette.

Overall I love both of these palettes, makeup revolution never fails when it comes to good quality and affordable products. They are definitely my favourite makeup brand!

Have you tried either of these palettes? Let me know in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “♡ Makeup Revolution Double Review! ♡

  1. thank you so much! i know youre probably like….why..but i’ve been searching for a new palette to buy and the blush/highlighter/bronzer looks glittery and beautiful and perfect and i love makeup revolution as well, so i need it! x


  2. These look so shimmery and beautiful! Nice that there are dupes for the Naked palettes out there, it’d be a good idea to try one of these cheaper alternatives to see if you like the shades and they suit you 🙂


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