❄Christmas Themed Snapshots!❄


Its fair to say that I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit! Today is the 17th of December and this time next week it will be Christmas eve *eeeek*

I wanted to share with you all how excited I am for Christmas by sharing some Christmas pictures I have taken over these past couple of weeks. I am proud to say that I have finally sorted out everyone’s Christmas presents which makes me very happy because now I can enjoy wrapping them (Yes I really do love wrapping presents)

The first picture stars my gorgeous little puppy Patch in her cute little Christmas hat! I got this for her a couple of years ago and I love it. While shopping a few days ago I spotted a cute Christmas dress for dogs but they only had smaller sizes available 😦 She looks adorable in this hat though!

Next was a picture I took of some presents I wrapped, I love the pink paper most, the blue ones are for my partner who’s presents I unfortunately cant wrap in girly paper. I have got Patch some presents too of course my favourite one being this cute little fluffy blanket from Superdrug, she actually opens her presents if you rip a little bit of the paper for her haha! I have also got her some squeaky toys as she loves them.


The next picture I took was of a snowflake garland I made out of white paper and gold ribbon. I really loved how this turned out so we decided to hang it up in the living room.

Last is a pretty gift box that contains my Ma’s Christmas present, a thumb ring. I love this little gift box I think it is so nice, especially the bow.

I hope you are all enjoying December and getting into the Christmas spirit! From now until Christmas you will find me dancing around and singing to Christmas songs!

What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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