♡ Superdrug Coconut oil review! ♡


I recently discovered that Superdrug do their own brand of Coconut oil! I have been wanting to try out Coconut oil as a conditioning treatment on my hair for a while now so I was really pleased when I found this. It was £2.49 for a 125ml pot which I think is really reasonable.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so I had to melt it to apply it too my hair. I filled a bowl with warm water and then placed the tub into the water to melt it.


I rinsed my hair with water before applying the oil. When the oil had melted I applied it evenly all over my hair and gently combed it through to make sure it had fully covered my hair. I wrapped my hair up with an old T-shirt and left the oil on for about 3 hours. You don’t have to leave it on for that long, 20-30 minutes is fine too, I just like to leave it on for longer.

The only thing that I did notice was that the oil went down quite quickly when I used it and I only have short hair, but for the price I am not complaining!


After 3 hours I rinsed my hair thoroughly to make sure the oil came out of my hair properly, I then shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal. I noticed instantly that my hair felt soft and silky, also as it was drying it looked super shiny! The oil smells amazing and the smell lingered on my hair which is always a plus for me.

As I have had my hair bleached it can sometims feel a little dry, so that is why I like to use conditioning masks. I am really pleased with this product and I think it will be replacing my conditioning masks as it did the job perfectly! My hair still feels soft and shiny 3 days later!

Coconut oil can also be used for your skin, you just take a small amount of it while its solid and it starts to melt as it comes into contact with your skin, then you massage it in.

I love this product and I will definitely be buying it again and using it as my weekly conditioning treatment. You can buy it at Superdrug here and it is also available in a 500ml tub!

Have you tried using coconut oil as part of your beauty routine?

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13 thoughts on “♡ Superdrug Coconut oil review! ♡

      • Maybe I will have to give it a go!! I only wash my hair about 3 times a week I couldn’t cut it down anymore because I’m a hairdresser and people look at my hair haha! I just love trying out new things xx

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