(Now Closed) Blogging Collaboration!


Hello everyone! So I have been wanting to do a collaboration for a while now so I thought I would do a post and hopefully some of you may respond.

I had the idea that a group of us could write posts on the same day with a common theme and include a link to each others posts. I think it would be really fun and it would help to promote each others blogs too! We could do this as a one off thing or maybe even do it once a month or every few months.

If any of you are interested please comment below and we can decide on a theme and pick a date to post.

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46 thoughts on “(Now Closed) Blogging Collaboration!

  1. I would love to join! You already have my email 🙂
    themes could be so broad or so specific; over priced items, items you’ve never finished, a new brand to discuss, travel essentials, things you can’t live without, most collected products, beginner brands, subscription boxes, I cant think of any more 😛


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