The Beauty Brief | My Favourite Nude Lip Products.


Hello everyone! So far this week I have been super busy with Christmas shopping, I am not complaining though, I love it! (Although the shops can get a little hectic around this time of year) I cant believe were halfway though November already that’s just crazy!

So, I am going to be doing a new series of blog posts called ‘The beauty brief’ Introducing different beauty products in the form of reviews, make up looks and just general make up chit chat. This weeks post is my favourite nude lip products because if you have been following me for a while, you will know that I love nude shades! For this post I have chosen a lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and lip balm.

First up is my favourite nude lipstick at the moment; the Kate Moss Lasting Finish by Rimmel in shade ’42’ I love the Kate Moss lipsticks because they moisturise my lips and they smell amazing too! This shade has a peachy tone to it which is really nice, it adds to any makeup look and it is the perfect nude lip. I love the pastel pink packaging of these lipsticks too, its so cute!

Next is my Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade ‘Just Peachy’ Again, this smells amazing! I think I have a thing for my lip products smelling nice haha. I love this lip-gloss because it isn’t too sticky and it has a lovely shine to it. As I find with most lip-glosses, it doesn’t last too long but I don’t mind because it is a really nice shade.

My favourite nude lip liner at the moment is the Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liner in ‘050 Tiramisu’ The colour of this lip liner is really nice, its a darker nude but I really love it. The only thing I do find with this lip liner is that it does settle into the cracks so you need to use a lip balm before hand.

For the lip balm, to stay with the theme I chose my little Vaseline tin in ‘Rosy lips’ It is the perfect lip balm to keep in your bag with you when you’re on the go to give your lips that little ‘pick me up’ I also like to use this while I am doing my make up to give it chance to work its magic before I apply my lipstick.

So those were my favourite nude lip products at the moment, nude shades are my all time favourite because you can use them with so many different looks. I hope you all enjoyed this post, what are your favourite Nude lip products?

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7 thoughts on “The Beauty Brief | My Favourite Nude Lip Products.

  1. I love Tanya Burr. I hate to admit it but I don’t own any of her lip gloss! I have quite a few of her nail varnish, but for some reason I’ve never bought any lip gloss! I feel pretty guilty about it right now!


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