My Giveaway arrived ~ Thankyou Becca-Louise!


I recently won a Giveaway hosted by Becca-Louise, she has a lovely blog filled with posts about make up, beauty and all things of that nature, You can check out her blog here!

All of the things I received are so lovely, I cant wait to try everything out! I was so excited when I received the package 🙂

When I saw these two little pots I was so excited, I have been wanting to try the lush Toothy tabs out for a while. The little pots they came in are so little and cute! The two I received were ‘Boom’ and ‘Bling’ I cant wait to use them and I will definitely post a review on these when I have tried them.


The other things I received were:

  • Some lovely nail art goodies including stickers, stamps, stencils, nail art tools and a gorgeous Rimmel nail varnish in a lovely plum shade.
  • Simple Gift of kindness gift set
  • Clinique rinse off cleanser
  • 2 lovely lipsticks in the shades ‘fig delight’ and ‘mulberry burst’
  • Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade ‘vintage plum’
  • A mac lipstick in ‘Velvet teddy. This is my first ever mac lipstick so I am very excited about it, I will definitely be doing a review on this as I have wanted to try a mac lipstick for ages! The shade of this is absolutely gorgeous and I just know I will be using this non stop!


Thank you again Becca for hosting such a lovely giveaway! I am excited to announce that in the new year I will be hosting my own giveaway so make sure everyone to look out for that 🙂

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