ELLE Exclusive ~ Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Eyelash Primer.


There were 2 things that drew me to this months issue of Elle magazine; Alexa Chung was on the cover and there was a free Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Tinted eyelash primer to try out before it hits the stores! Alexa looked amazing (as always!) on the cover and in the photo-shoot inside.

I was eager to try the primer because it is the first product I have ever tried by benefit, despite hearing many brilliant reviews about their products such as Porefessional face primer balm and ‘They’re real’ Mascara.

So on the box it says:

Works 2 ways!

  1. Wear as a mascara primer to dramatically boost length & separation.
  2. Wear alone to tint & define lashes for a feathery, natural look.

When I first looked at the brush of the primer I was a little worried as the brush did look a little longer than ones I am used to using, but it actually worked really well and covered all of my lashes. This is an important thing for me as my eyelashes are naturally blonde (ugh) and I need full coverage so that I don’t have any blonde eyelashes showing.


I have fallen in love with this and I would say you can definitely wear it on its own like the box says for a natural daytime look, it made my eyelashes look way longer but still natural looking. The colour is called ‘Mink-brown’ I really like the colour of it as I think it suits my colouring quite well. This was what my eyelashes looked like after using one coat of the eyelash primer:


I apologize for the bad lighting I took this at night and I didn’t want to use flash and blind myself haha! But as you can tell in this picture, using the primer alone made my eyelashes look lovely and long!

For this next picture I used the Rimmel Supercurl mascara over it for a thicker, more dramatic look:


I really noticed the difference using the eyelash primer under my usual mascara, it separated my lashes and made them look longer and more defined. Overall I am really impressed with the product and I definitely want to purchase this in the future, also after using this I definitely want to try the ‘They’re real’ mascara.

Have you tried Benefits new eyelash primer? What did you think of it?

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