This Week I’ve Been…


Its that time again! Another week has flown by and Christmas is just that little bit closer (not that I’m complaining- I love Christmas!) So this week has been quite a busy week, my partner and I are still saving for our trip away in January, I can’t wait, I have booked my time off work so now its all official!

So this week I’ve been…

Wearing my denim jacket… A lot. Can you believe it was only £2?! Its slightly oversized and I love it, its so cozy and perfect with a jumper underneath in winter.

Celebrating Bonfire night- We actually went out the day before to celebrate it. This worked out good because then on bonfire night I could be with our dog Patch, she hates the fireworks 😦 Anyway when we went out the night before bonfire night there was a lovely firework display, I love all the different colours that come out, they’re so pretty!


Going on lots of walks- As always my week also included going on a few walks so Patch gets lots of exercise. Although the weather has been colder I have been enjoying going out on winter walks.

Getting into the Christmas spirit- I know it is only November and its not quite time yet, but this week I have been feeling really Christmassy! I even went as far as wearing my Christmas socks yesterday haha, they are so cute I think I got them last Christmas. I definitely need to start Christmas shopping soon!

I have been thinking about changing these posts to monthly so it would be more like ‘This Month I’ve Been…’ But I’m not sure yet, I cant decide! What do you guys think?

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