Natural Daytime Make-Up Look!


This is one of my favourite looks, it is perfect for when you are a bit pushed for time in the mornings or just for days when you feel like going for more of a natural makeup look. I recently bought some Real Techniques make-up brushes, after reading so many good reviews I decided to go out and buy some to try for myself. I chose the Core Collection kit, I am in love with them they are really good quality and well worth the price. I especially like the pointed foundation brush as it applies my foundation perfectly and makes my skin look lovely! I will post a full review on these brushes soon once I have used them a little more.

So, onto the Make-up look! I started by applying Rimmel BB cream, I have spoken about this before (here) As I was going for a more natural makeup look I decided to go for this rather than my usual foundation.

Next I filled in my brows, I used a medium brown eyebrow pencil just to gently outline my brows and then I used Rimmel Brow this way gel to fill them in.


Next I applied Blusher to my cheeks, I used my MUA one in the shade ‘Candyfloss’ This blush is the perfect pink shade, it looks very natural and it suits my skin tone just right. Just above the blush, I applied some highlighter. I used the one from my W7 Contour Palette, I also used just a little of this underneath my eyebrows to highlight them, to do this I used the real techniques detailer brush.


I then went onto applying my mascara, I chose my Rimmel Supercurler mascara because I think it is perfect for creating natural long looking lashes and also true to its name, it gives your lashes that ‘curled’ look!

To finish of the look, for my lips I chose maybeline babylips lip balm in the shade ‘pink punch’ because it is a lovely colour and I thought it would be perfect as it goes with the MUA candyfloss blush!

This is the finished look:


It is one of my favourite looks as it is so easy to do and it just looks nice and natural. I hope you guys liked it!

Bye for now!

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