Girl Online On Tour ~ Book Review!


‘It should officially be illegal for exam rooms to have a view of the sea. How is it fair that we’re stuck inside, fingers cramping from gripping a pen for two hours straight, while outside the light is dancing on the waves and it looks so bright and comforting?…’

After reading Zoe’s first book ‘Girl online’ and loving it I was very excited for the release of ‘Girl online.. on tour’ I finished reading it on Wednesday night which was perfect timing because the next morning my new book ‘Love Tanya’ By Tanya Burr arrived!

I loved the bookmark that came with the book! I often find that I sit down all comfy and start to read my book only to find that I don’t have a bookmark! Is it just me that does that? Anyway I loved the bookmark it is lovely!


The review:

I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book as much as the first one, but I really did! Every night when I picked it up I found myself glued to it and unable to put it down. I feel that in this book we got to know certain characters more and there are even a few new characters that are introduced! I wont mention any just encase some of you haven’t read it yet.

I love how Penny seems more confident towards the end of the book, how she sticks up for herself and starts to make decisions of her own. I really enjoy reading the description of Penny and how she looks, I have the perfect image of her in my head of how I imagine her to look.

I think my favourite thing about the book is how strong Penny and Elliot’s friendship is, they are really close and I just love how they share everything with each other.

As well as the first book, there were some plot twists! But all questions are answered throughout the book so not to worry!

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I hope that there will be a third one! Have you read Girl online, on tour yet? If so what did you think of it?

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