Superdrug Haul!


I love Superdrug, there is such a wide selection of make up brands and so many different products to choose from, the only thing is my nearest one is quite far from me so I sometimes like to order online. So last Wednesday night after twiddling my thumbs for a while I finally caved in and made an order. They had a 3 for 2 offer on and you also got a free tote bag (Pictured above) so that was good too!

So the first thing I will show you is the lipsticks as I went a little lipstick crazy haha! I got the Liphug lipsticks by Makeup Revolution. I love the red packaging they came in- Very fancy!

These were 2 different sets ‘The nudes’ and ‘The reds’ there were 5 in each set for just £7.50 each, this is such a good price so if you love nude and red shades then I definitely recommend trying these out. They also had ‘The pinks’ which weren’t in stock when I ordered but I am definitely going to try those next time. I do realise that I have only included 9 shades in the picture, this was because I gave my partners mum one because she loved the shade! We are always swapping make up haha 🙂



From left to right; ‘Not giving up, When you came to me, Insatiable, I think you’re amazing, We have come too far, To get lucky, Saviour will come, I am ready, Who we are’

I am in love with all of these shades, I am also really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks, they have a lovely shine to them when applied and they are very moisturising on the lips.

The next thing I got was the ‘Redemption Palette Essential mattes 2’ by Makeup revolution. All the colours on this palette look amazing and I liked the thought of a palette for just matte shades.



I love all of these colours and they will be perfect for creating lots of different eye looks. I like how they are all matte because sometimes I prefer matte to shimmery.

The other palette I got was ‘Ultra 32 Shade Palette beyond flawless’ by Make up revolution. I love this so much all the colours are so pretty! There is a mix of matte, silk and shimmery shades in this palette and it is perfect for day and night time make up looks.



I have already used this palette since receiving it and I like it a lot! It is definitely my favourite out of the two even though they are both really nice.

The next thing I got was the Rimmel Supercurler mascara in Black. I saw this advertised and I just wanted to give it a try, after using this for a while I will post a review on it. I am eager to see if it does give your lashes that ‘curl’ effect.

The last thing I got was also from Rimmel and that was the ‘Brow this way’ styling gel. I am really excited to try this! I chose the shade ‘Mid brown’ I will also post a review on this when I have tried it out.


So that was everything that I got from Superdrug, I hope you guys liked it and  make sure to watch out for the reviews I will be posting on the Supercurler mascara and Brow this way in the next few weeks!

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