A New Found Love ~ Soap And Glory!


So recently I tried ‘The scrub of your life’ by Soap and glory and I fell in love instantly, this was the first product I had ever used by Soap and glory (Shocking, I know!) but I was really impressed so I went out to get a few more of their products that I wanted to try.

As you can see from the pictures I got: Hand food, Clean on me and Heel Genius.

Hand Food- I had read many good reviews about ‘Hand food’ so I decided to get that because I do get quite dry hands, especially in winter! I was really impressed with this; it smells amazing and it absorbs into your hands straight away, moisturising them but not leaving them sticky. I can already tell that this is something I am going to be buying a lot more of.

Clean On Me Shower Gel-  At £6.50 it is a little more pricey than your average shower gel, but I do have to say that I definitely do think it is worth it. It smells amazing and the bottle it comes in is 500ml so you get a lot of it. After using it my skin felt really soft and the lovely smell of it stayed on my skin.

The Scrub Of Your Life-  This smells amazing and the smell of this also lasts on your skin after getting out of the shower. I noticed with this that you only actually need to use a little bit because it foams up really nicely so it lasts much longer.

Heel Genius- I bought this because along with my hands, my feet get quite dry too. On the bottle it says to apply to feet before bed then put on a pair of cotton socks to let it soak in while you sleep. I have been doing this and I have noticed my feet have started to get a little softer.

Overall I am really impressed with all of the Soap and glory products and I cant wait to try more of them! Have you tried any of the Soap and glory products?

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