This Week I’ve Been…


Hello everyone! I am here again today to share some snippets from my week. I cant believe it is Sunday again and the end of another week. I also cant believe that today is the 1st day of November.. its crazy!

So, This week I’ve been:

-Out on lots of walks between work, I love going on walks so much, I took the first picture on Monday while my partner and I were out and I just thought it looked lovely. Despite it being quite cold it was actually quite a nice day on Monday and the sky was really nice and clear.

-Shopping! (as usual) I wanted to share this next picture because I am so excited about buying some more soap and glory products. After trying ‘The scrub of your life’ I fell in love and had to get some of the others to try out. I will post a review on them shortly. Also the pink jumper that you see in the picture I got on the same day, I was so happy that I found it because it is perfect and in my favourite colour- pink!

-Reading. I am currently reading Zoe Sugg’s second book ‘Girl online on tour’ And I have been glued to it. I definitely recommend it.

And of course the last picture is my gorgeous little girl Patch! I have made it a ‘thing’ now that she has to star in every ‘This Week I’ve Been’ post!

I have really enjoyed this week and have just overall been in a really good mood! 🙂

Happy first day of November everyone make sure to say ‘White rabbits!’ Does anyone else do that or is it just me?

Bye for now! 🙂

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