This week I’ve Been…


Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Today I am taking advantage of the term ‘Lazy Sunday’ by sitting in my pyjamas and writing this post. I have finally been able to post this on a Sunday instead of a Monday… Yay!

Last week I felt a little under the weather. Not ill but just not very good in myself, my mood was very low and I really let things get too me. This week I have felt a lot better, I have been trying to do a lot more exercise and it has really been helping, I feel great!

As My little dog Patch has starred in every ‘This week I’ve been’ post so far, she had to be in this one too! I took this cute little picture of her while we were out on a walk, How cute is she?? On days off I have been really enjoying taking patch on walks especially because its autumn and all the leaves scattered everywhere just makes everything look so pretty!

Earlier on in the week I was sorting a few things out and I found my art sketchbook from my A Levels at school, I looked through it and remembered just how much I miss art. These few pieces were my favourite…


Seeing these pictures inspired me to do the little drawing that is featured at the top of this post. I really enjoy drawing and I am going to try and make time to do it more!

Another thing I have been loving this week is taking loads of photos with my new phone! I am becoming quickly addicted to instagram! I love it so much and it is perfect for editing photos.

So those were just a few things I did this week, I hope you all had a lovely week too!

Bye for now. Love,


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