My Favourite Body Mists!


I am in love with fruity scents, I think that is why I love the NSPA body Mists so much because they have such a wide selection. My two favourite ones are Vanilla and Rasberry.

These body mists are the perfect size so that they can fit in your bag, you can also get smaller ones which I think are perfect for a night out and you have a smaller bag with you.


I love the front labels for both of the body mists just because I think they look lovely and girly- especially the raspberry one! ‘Spray some sweetness into your life with this indulgently scented body mist, packed with natural vitamins and real fruit goodness to give a deliciously rich burst of fragrance every day’

All in all I really love both of these body mists and they are definitely worth it for £3 each!

Have you tried any of the NSPA body mists? If so what did you think of them?




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