This Week I’ve Been…


I seem to be making a habit of doing these posts on a Monday instead of a Sunday! My intention is to post them on a Sunday but I never have time and then end up doing them the next day. I am still trying to save up for when we go away but its so hard! I’m the worst person when it comes to saving up, I just love shopping too much!

I got a nice surprise this week, I got my new phone early! After having a Nokia Lumia for 2 years I got a new Samsung Galaxy A3! I love it because it is a Smartphone (My last one was a windows phone) The biggest mistake ever was getting a windows phone because I couldn’t get any good apps like Instagram and my camera didn’t have flash so it was rubbish! Now my new phone is perfect and I finally have Instagram, you can follow me here!

Because of saving up I haven’t really been going shopping apart from the weekly Asda shop, while I was there I picked up some bedding which was way to nice to leave behind, it was reduced to £8 in the sale!ff5

I also got this really cute pyjama set with dogs on! I’m obsessed with pyjamas and I already have too many but they are my weakness!


Also this week I hit 100 followers so thank you everyone for that! I was so pleased when I saw! I am really enjoying writing this blog and I am so glad I have finally got the hang of it!

Bye for now! Love,




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