Get the look ~ Instagram edition!

tumblr_nvcmzuub5k1r3hbd2o1_500 1391364_171258969876554_487035196_n

When I saw these pictures on Instagram the other day I fell in love instantly! The outfit looks really smart, but when paired with the pumps it’s really comfy too. The pictures are from the Instagram account theglowedit, if you have Instagram I definitely recommend you check this one out!

Because I loved this outfit so much I decided I would try out the look myself!

For these first pictures I paired the outfit with my black lace up pumps, they are similar to the ones in the original picture but I prefer flats because I really can’t walk in heels.

new 4  new 9

In these pictures I paired the outfit with my snakeskin pumps, I think these go really well with the outfit for a comfy daytime look.

new 2 new 6

Jacket – Ebay (Originally Miss selfridge)  T-shirt– H&M  Leggings- Primark

Lace up shoes– Primark   Snakeskin pumps– Garage shoes

I love the checked pumps in the original picture so much but I cant find them anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get them please let me know!

I have a feeling that I am going to be wearing my new leather jacket a lot this winter, I just love it so much. It goes with pretty much anything and its really warm for the days when it gets a little colder.

I hope you all enjoyed my ‘Get the look’ post!

Thanks for reading! Love,



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