H&M and Primark haul!

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Hello everyone!

On Wednesday I went into town for an appointment and as usual, I ended up looking in a few shops afterwards and I picked up a few things. So I thought I would share what I got with you all!

So first I had a look in H&M, I got this black T-shirt in the sale for £5, I love it so much! And then I got another jumper, this time in grey because they are really comfy and perfect for winter.

12071459_155970698082776_163477666_n   12047407_155970678082778_1922576895_n

Next I went to Primark and got two pairs of boots, I have been wanting some Chelsea boots for ages and I thought now is the perfect time to get them because its getting colder.

12049021_155970758082770_1215923843_n   12048982_155970748082771_1526261622_n

I also went in Garage shoes, they had a sale on and I got some of these snakeskin pumps! I mentioned in one of my other posts that I wanted some of these so when I saw them in the sale for £7 I was so happy!


I hope you enjoyed my little haul, I just cant seem to stop buying clothes!

Bye for now! Love,



6 thoughts on “H&M and Primark haul!

  1. Love the boots! I’m currently trying to find the perfect black pair of boots (because I don’t have enough already) and its so hard deciding! Maybe I should give primark a go! 😊


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