Wearing ~ Wanting ~ Loving


These past couple of weeks I haven’t really been doing as much as I usually do aside from work and the odd shopping trip. I have been quite lazy actually- spending days off watching films and not really doing anything at all.

Anyway I thought I would share with you all some of the things I have been wearing, wanting and loving recently, I think I might make these posts a regular thing.

Wearing ~

I have been wearing these shoes a lot recently- I am in love with them!


They look so smart and are really comfy too! I got them from Primark for £10, I fell in love with them the minute I saw them, they’re just so nice!

I have also been wearing this lipstick a lot since I got it! Its in a darkish red shade and I love it so much.. I’ve only just really gotten into wearing lipsticks- especially darker shades like this. I love this colour and it is perfect for autumn!


Wanting ~


I have really been wanting one of these hats- A couple of times I have been really tempted to buy one but I know I wouldn’t ever wear it. I don’t think I suit hats at all, I really love this hat though!


I also like the look of these but I’m not sure weather to get them or not! What do you think?

Loving ~


Ebay! I have bought a couple of things from Ebay recently ( I will do a post showing you the things that I got when they arrive) There is a seller for Boohoo.com on Ebay that sell their clothes at reduced prices, I bought a cardigan from them because I have been looking everywhere for one and I finally found one I liked! This is what it looks like:


I cant wait until all the things I’ve ordered arrive!

Bye for now!




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