Mani Monday ~ Nails of the day!


Hello! Hope you are all having a lovely day, I am very lucky because of my job Mondays are no longer dreaded days so I always enjoy them.

Anyway, today I thought I would do a Mani Monday post, I love to paint my nails- I even studied Acrylic and Gel nails a while ago.

So I used the MUA Nail polish in ‘Truffle cream’ it is a lovely nude colour, Avon gold nail polish and George ‘3D glitter’ Nail polish. I love the effect that the George glitter nail polish gives, the picture doesn’t do it justice but it sparkles in all different colours.


I did a glitter fade on the nude coloured nails just because I thought it would add a nice effect. My nails are finally starting to grow a little longer, I have started taking cod liver oil tablets and they seem to be really working!

After I painted my nails I used CND cuticle oil to keep my cuticles nice and to stop them going dry. I love this cuticle oil and it works wonders- especially in winter. When my nails dried I then used a little dove hand cream to keep my hands nice and soft.

So those are my nails of the day… I hope you like them, Bye for now!



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