Using Baby Shampoo..


Hello everyone!

I have recently started using baby shampoo to wash my hair, I came up with the idea last week and I cant believe I haven’t tried this sooner! Often when I use normal shampoo it seems to leave my hair feeling dry, I use conditioner afterwards but before I do when I feel my hair it always feels dry and I cant put my hands through it until I’ve conditioned it.

So, last week when I was shopping in Asda I thought I would buy some baby shampoo and try it out!

I have used it a couple of times now and so far I am really impressed, it leaves my hair feeling really soft and fresh. I have also noticed that my hair is easier to style after I have used it, sometimes after I have washed my hair it goes a little frizzy and doesn’t style well unless I straighten it but since I have been using baby shampoo it has been much easier to style- I haven’t straightened it since!

When I use baby shampoo I use this conditioning mask after-


I am really pleased with the results so far and I am going to keep using it!

Have you ever tried using baby shampoo? How did it work for you?

Thanks for reading! Love,



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