Superdrug haul / Bargain of the day!

Hello everyone!

On Sunday night I was browsing on the Superdrug website and as usual, I just couldn’t help myself and I ended up ordering a few things. If you haven’t ordered from Superdrug online before I definitely recommend it, the delivery is fast and if you spend over £10 you get free delivery!

So first of all I got these two MUA blushers, they were only £1 each! The top one is ‘Marshmallow’ and the bottom one is ‘Candyfloss’


Next I got these three lipsticks which were also £1 each! The first shade is ‘Tulip’ the second is ‘Totally Nude’ and the third just says ‘Shade 2’ I love this one the most! I thought I would try a darker shade for autumn.


I also got these two nail varnishes by MUA, ‘Cherry blossom’ and ‘Truffle cream’ I cant wait to try these!


I needed some eyeliner so I thought I would try the MUA one.. and their concealer in the shade ‘Fair’ I think I got a little carried away- everything I’ve showed you so far is MUA!


I have heard a lot about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water so I thought I would get a Travel sized one to try out and see if I like it. I will do a review on this when I have tried it!


Last off I got this foundation by Rimmel- I mentioned in one of my last posts I would be going back to my Rimmel foundation as it is my favourite. It applies so nicely and it lasts all day, I love it!


One last thing I would like to share with you all is something I got today, I did my usual shop in Asda and in the reduced basket I found one of these for £1!! I always say this but never forget to look in the reduced section if you ever go to Asda because you can find some really good things! This is in shade 28 and it is so pretty.


So that was my Superdrug haul/Bargain of the day! Whenever I visit Superdrugs website I just cant resist ordering a few things. I love all the MUA range they have some really lovely things, next I would like to try out some of their lip laquers because they look amazing!

That’s all for now!






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