W7 In The Nude- Eyeshadow colour palette first impressions!


I have been feeling a little rubbish these past couple of days so when I saw that my W7 In The Nude palette had been delivered in the post this morning it really cheered me up!

I have heard that this palette is a dupe for the Urban Decay naked 3 palette so I am really excited to try it out as it is much more affordable at £4.99!


The packaging is like a rose gold colour which I love! It comes with a double sided make up brush, this is really useful because one side is good for applying the colour and the other side is good for blending.

I love all of the colours they are so nice, some are matte and some have a slight shimmer to them. The colours are pigmented and apply very nicely, you can create a range of different looks with this which I am very excited to try out!

Overall I really love this palette and cant wait to try out different make up looks with it. I cant wait to order the other palettes by W7 in the future.

I got mine from ebay from this seller if you would like to purchase one!

Do you have any of these eye shadow palettes? Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading! Love,



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