My little bag of essentials ~ unzip encase of emergency!

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Hello! Today I thought I would share with you the things I keep in my bag of essentials! I always keep these things in my bag but it wasn’t until last week that I purchased this cute little bag for them, rather than them rolling around in the bottom of my handbag.

The bag in the picture is from H&M and was only £1.99!

The things I keep in my little bag of essentials are…

  1. Hairgrips- There is nothing more annoying than having stray bits of hair flying around and then realising that you don’t have any hairgrips on you to pin them down. This has happened to me many times!

2. Tissues- I always have tissues with me, especially in the cold winter months!

3. Perfume- Because its always nice to spritz a little perfume to keep you smelling lovely!

4. Paracetamol- Just encase of a headache! I get headaches from time to time so its always good for me to know I have some paracetamol on me.

5. Lip balm- My choice of lip balm is of course, Baby lips! I am obsessed with them! Again I always make sure to carry this in the colder months because I am more prone to chapped lips in winter.

6. Sanitary towel- Just encase!

7. A mirror- So I can check my hair and makeup.

8. Hand sanitizer- So I can always keep my hands nice and clean.

So that is my bag of essentials! It is a good size so it slips nicely into my handbag along with all my other things.


What are your handbag essentials?





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