Super easy Ice cream cupcake recipe!


This is my favourite cake recipe ever, mainly because they just look so cute!

For the ingredients you will need:

  • 110g butter or margarine, softened at room temperature
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1tbsp vanilla extract
  • 110g self raising flour
  • 1-2 tbsp milk
  • Flat bottomed ice cream cones

For the buttercream icing:

  • 140g butter, softened
  • 280g icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbsp milk
  • a few drops of pink food colouring (or any colour of your choice)
  • sprinkles
  • wafer or flakes
  • a piping bag for icing

Here is how I made them:

  1. First I turned on the oven for it to warm up, I put it on 180C/350F/Gas 4
  2. I put the butter and sugar into a bowl and began to mix them together, this can be done with a normal or electric whisk. When the mixture turned pale I beat the eggs in one at a time and then added vanilla extract.
  3. After that I added the flour into the mixture and mixed it in. I added a little milk until the mixture was a little runnier.
  4. Then when the mixture was ready I began to scoop the mixture into the ice cream cones till they were about 3/4 full to prevent the cake from overlapping. I then put them in the oven to bake for 15 minutes.

How I made the buttercream icing:

  1. I beat the butter in a mixing bowl until the butter was soft. Then I added half of the icing sugar and beat until the mixture was smooth.
  2. I then added the remaining icing sugar with one tbsp of milk, and stirred until the mixture turned smooth.
  3. After this I added the food colouring and mixed until the colour was even.

When The cakes came out of the oven I left them to cool down and then carefully added the buttercream icing and made it look like ice cream! I then added sprinkles and a cute little wafer to add to the effect!

I hope you liked this recipe!

Bye for now,



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