Life with a sprinkle of glitter- A review.

Life with a sprinkle of glitter- By Louise Pentland.


I was so excited when I heard that Louise was bringing out her book ‘Life with a sprinkle of glitter’ I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I have loved every part of it!

Each chapter is different and filled with tips, craft ideas and stories from Louise’s life. Not only is it written beautifully and set out lovely, each page is decorated with cute layouts and I think that really adds to it.

I was inspired so much from reading this, on the blurb Louise wrote ‘I want you to walk away from this book feeling uplifted’ I really have, it has made me think about things and realise that I don’t always have to be nervous and to ‘just say yes’ I often turn down opportunities or avoid situations that I feel out of my comfort zone in but if I try to get past that, who knows what I could achieve.

Overall, I really loved this book there are so many things included in it from Body confidence to little ways you can decorate your room! I would definitely recommend it if you love things like that- and if you like Louise Pentland!

Thanks for reading!





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