DIY Lip balm!

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a nice relaxing Sunday! Today I will be sharing with you a very simple 2 ingredient recipe to make your very own lip balm.

To make this lip balm you will need:



A microwavable bowl


A little container


Food colouring of your choice- I chose red

Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

First of all you need to get some Vaseline out with your spatula, put it into the microwavable bowl and measure how much you think you will need for your pot. Place it into the microwave and put it on for about 4 minutes and keep checking to see if the Vaseline has melted into a liquid.

When the Vaseline has melted add a little food colouring (more or less depending on how intense you want the colour to be) and then stir.

When you have done this, pour the mixture into your little container and place it in the fridge to set.

This is what mine looked like when it was finished:

11995568_1494975537480812_497060592_nย 12023269_1494975547480811_683758462_n

I love this recipe because it is so simple and easy to make, you could do different colours, add some lipstick to the mixture and melt if you wanted tinted lip balm or even add a little glitter!

Hope you liked this little diy- let me know if you will try this!

Bye for now! Love,



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