A day in the life ~ Mini shopping haul ~ OOTD

Hi Guys!

So today me and my Partners mum went on another (oops) shopping trip to Meadowhall! We love it there so much because the shops there are so much better than the ones in our town. We got up nice and early and set off for the train.

Our first stop was Cath Kidston, everything in there is so pretty! I couldn’t leave there without buying anything so I got these cute tissues…


I also saw this book and I couldn’t resist taking a picture as this is my little dog’s name! (patch not Cath hahaha) I definitely need some more Cath Kidston things as everything in the shop is just so lovely!


Speaking of Patch… this is her in the garden when we got home 🙂


Next we went to Primark! I was a little obsessed after going into Cath Kidston so I got these floral pyjamas, they’re so cute! I also got these jeans that are distressed on the legs, I saw some similar ones that I was going to get from H&M but these were reduced to £5 and are almost identical to them.


A cheeky OOTD in the Primark changing rooms…


I got this make up bag from H&M for when I take make up with me on the go, its the perfect size and I love the blue polka dots on it! They are actually glittery but you cant tell in the picture.


We also stopped at TK Maxx.. I got this cute peplum top (I think its peplum anyway?…) I also got one in pastel blue! They are really pretty and were just £4 each! I also got this cup that I was amazed at!! It has a straw in but a sliding cover that you can move down when you aren’t drinking it so it doesn’t spill, and also so nothing goes in your drink.


I really enjoyed my day although we did miss our train because we went the wrong way and had to run all the way back to where the train actually was hahaha but it all worked out in the end!

When we got home these had been delivered that I ordered from ebay, some really pretty craft paper that I am going to use to make a bunting. So exciting!! (I am excited by the little things in life haha)


So that was my day/mini shopping haul/OOTD, Hope you liked it!




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