DIY- Tinted moisturiser.


I never really like to go anywhere without foundation on as I am really pale without it, but some days I don’t want to wear foundation to give my skin a bit of a break. So I tried this tinted moisturiser with a little bronzer added to it to give it a bit of a tint and it worked perfectly!

To make this tinted moisturiser you will need:


  1. A bronzer/ powdered foundation of your choice. I chose my ‘Sunkissed’ bronzer.
  2. A small mixing bowl
  3. A spatula to mix it all together
  4. A moisturiser of your choice
  5. A little container to put your finished product in!

Step 1:


Put some moisturiser into your mixing bowl, measure how much you will need for your container beforehand.

Step 2:


Add some of your bronzer/powdered foundation to the mixture. Mix it together, when you have done this test it on yourself to see if it is the shade that you want. If it isn’t, add more and continue to check until it is the shade for you.

Step 3:


When you have got the shade that you would like, make sure it is mixed evenly and then place the mixture into your container and voila! A lovely little pot of tinted moisturiser. It is perfect for the days you just don’t feel like wearing foundation, and it gives you a lovely glowing natural look! (while keeping your skin moisturised at the same time!)

Will you try this? Let me know how it works for you!

Thanks for reading!




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